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Another awesome multi-use product delivered by the RidgeMonkey Team.

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In the market for a new outboard motor? The options available from Haswing will have you covered, be it a midnight mission on an intimate pond or traversing a huge reservoir on the continent.

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A simple idea that will tidy up your bivvy!

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RidgeMonkey's new design throwing stick continues the brand's trend for industry-first innovation.
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Out of the shadows and into the spotlight, we take a look at the brand new bankware from Gardner tackle!

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Once again the boys and girls at RidgeMonkey have been busy and raised the bar with the next evolution in bankside power!
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Fish tech taken to a whole new level, this industry first will get tongues wagging and unearth mysteries below.
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Another great addition from the innovator of many excellent carpy products.
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£4. 99 This supple leather fingerstall is essential when casting at range or spodding out bait, protecting your casting finger on high-impact scenarios With the majority of braids being low in diameter, unprotected fingers more susceptible to being cut. The Gardner fingerstall is minimal and lightweight. A Velcro fastening strap ensures it stays on your wrist and in position cast after cast.
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I have never been one to tinker with the mechanics of the kit I use, not beyond a little tightening up or lubrication here and there, but switching to these washers in the spools of my Shimano reels was an absolute revelation (it takes seconds to do, by the way). Having watched Tony from Future Fishing (it’s the sole distributors for these washers) demonstrate them on the shop’s video page I was intrigued as to just how much difference they would actually make. It’s not difficult to make things look good on a video, so only a try for myself would convince me. However, any suspicions were soon allayed as the simple switching of the washers in the top of the spool of my Ultegra 14000XTDs saw the drag absolutely transformed.
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The Tackle Box’s Lee Jackson says: The perfect camera for the angler who wants to film DIY underwater/action footage or still photos without the expense of buying a GoPro-type camera. At around £34. 99 this extremely compact camera is unbelievable value and features a super-wide-angle 120-degree lens, a 2in LCD rear screen and a waterproof housing so that it can be used in water depths up to 30 metres. What’s more, it comes with various mounts/clips so that it can be mounted on a landing net pole, rod, handlebars and suchlike, and a USB cable for charging.
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Fast-dissolve PVA mesh perfect for stick mixesDurable design allows for strong casts Leaves no residue Available in 7m x 25mm and 38mm in a waterproof tube Made in the UK £7. 50 FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO WWW. GODMAN-ANGLING. COM Like what you see? Or buy a single issue .
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With so many of us taking phones, tablets and cameras on sessions a powerbank is almost an essential piece of kit, and the Waterhog power pack ticks all the boxes. With its huge capacity it can charge a smartphone 16 to 18 times and most tablets and laptops three to six. It also has a bright LED light along with a 15-amp 12V socket. £99 www.
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The guys at Waterhog have set the bar high when it comes to its latest bivvy light. The Waterhog Illuminator will certainly light up those dark nights on the bank. With its twin colour (white, red) and multiple brightness setting, it’s ideal for when you’re scrambling around in the dark. With its rechargeable lithium battery you will struggle to find better.