It is impossible to have too much knowledge on a chosen subject and this certainly applies to carp fishing. Learning your quarry’s habits such as where they like to feed, rest or find sanctuary is all part and parcel of building the bigger picture. Whether you are targeting one particular carp or like to catch as many as possible there are always plenty more ways to stack the odds in your favour and now you can with the new Total Fishing Gear Fishspy Echo Pro SE.

This incredible technological edge is able to provide you with plenty of information of what is happening in the middle of the lake, whereas without it you would simply never know. Although marker floats can certainly be a very handy piece of kit, there is no substitute for sonar technology. This castable version is able to accurately provide you with a clear picture of what lurks beneath the surface – quite literally!

Whether you are looking for depth variations, location of snags or weed beds, or looking for true feeding spots that would otherwise be nigh on impossible to find, the Echo Pro SE will have you covered. There is also the ability to use the sonar to your advantage by using it as a fishfinder, detecting the depths the carp are sitting at and as a result tactics can be adjusted accordingly.

While the original Echo Pro may have had the option to use GPS mapping, the reduction in cost to almost half is most noticeable and the retail price of £129.99 for Echo Pro SE speaks volumes. As do the new and improved sonar graphics compared to the previous model, including the ability to use a split screen facility making use of the sonar and underwater camera at the same time. Yes, you read that correctly, this awesome piece of kit makes use of a live underwater camera that will transmit live video to a device, giving you a clear view of fish activity and the lake bed directly below.

This isn’t just a tool to use upon arrival at the lake either, as you can clip your rod up to your spots and occasionally check on your chosen areas and see with your own eyes what bait is left on the spot… who knows, you may just see your target carp munching away! The Echo Pro SE is able to transmit this camera and sonar data at up to a staggering 100m range, which is likely to be more than enough for most spots on most lakes!

RRP: £129.99