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In light of The Big One being postponed Crafty Catcher have some mega show deals going!

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All the benefits of PVA bags with none of the hassle!

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The range of Big Hit pellet mixes is now available in handy 1kg grab bags!
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Mark Pitchers shares his seven top tips for fishing a bait on the bottom of the lake.

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Based on the classic Trigga boilie mix but with a twist for cold-water carping.
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We give you the lowdown on the flagship range of carp food from the suffolk-based bait firm.
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Any bait developed with Terry Hearn is bound to be sensational, so you simply must take note of this overview of Complex-T.
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A run through the range of one of the most popular baits around.
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The classic big fish mix might be a blast from the past for some, but with a modern twist on a time-proven recipe, Nutrabaits has certainly come back with a bang!
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DAN STACEY takes a look at some of the dos and don’ts of using oils and why they could benefit your fishing throughout the year…

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CC MOORE RESPONSE + FRUIT LIQUID ADDITIVE £11. 99 Delicious, smooth, fruit-infused booster liquid Contains natural sugars, essential oils, esters and appetite stimulants Works as a great addition to all fishy, fruity and creamy baits Completely PVA-friendly makeup FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO WWW. CCMOORE. COM BLAKES BAITS SNOWBERRY WAFTERS £5.
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£3. 99 The Tackle Box’s Lee Jackson says: Recently reintroduced by Dynamite due to popular demand, Fish Gutz is perhaps one of the most effective feeding triggers on the market and has a totally unique aroma. It’s a super-potent and ultra-concentrated formula that triggers a strong feeding response from carp and most other coarse fish and stimulates them to feed. It’s best used diluted in a bait dip/soak in a boilie mix at a rate of 5ml per kilo, or used in conjunction with other attractors that are used with groundbaits, stick mixes and so on.
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£5. 99 As anglers, we are always looking for a way to incorporate an edge into our fishing and the Kryston Bogey offers just that. With a unique sticky jelly-like makeup, this is the perfect fish-friendly method for creating a solid seed hook bait. This allows you to use any dry seed, particle, bean or pulse to create any shape or size bottom bait perfect for fishing over a bed of particles.
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This range has been designed to be fast acting as soon as they enter the water, oozing a rich stream of attractants, flavour and feed-inducing enhancers. With a coarse texture and soft nature, each of the three flavours help to draw carp into the swim and once they get a taste for it, they won’t be leaving in a hurry. The flavours on offer are Spicy Krill, Raspberry & Black Pepper and Coco Maple, each of which offer a unique and distinct flavour profile that will draw you in as well as the carp. (DM) £6.
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It is no surprise that Sticky offers some of the softest baits around, even when you buy shelf life. This is great because many anglers love a soft bait, yet it can present a problem on the hair. Well not any more. By simply adding eggs you can now roll your own dedicated hook baits with everything in this one tub, even the instructions! The great edge is that you can tweak or tailor your mix to suit your rigs and whatever little edges you may have up your sleeve.