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The well reknowned Thinking Anglers Luggage range, now available in a carpy 'Camfleck' camouflage finish.

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Put an end to cold feet while wading in winter.

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Top carp angling star joins Carp Spirit to push the brand forward.

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A picturesque, five-acre, spring-fed lake 20 minutes from Limoges, surrounded by woodland, stocked with some stunning, healthy carp that give a good battle. The river and spring fed lake is available on an exclusive basis for two to four anglers.
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One of seven day-ticket lakes at the complex, with particularly good winter form. At a little over nine acres and only 10 swims, this offers a totally exclusive feel. There are no bookings so it's a first-come, first-served basis, but with over 40 per cent of the stock estimated at over 20lb this is an exciting water to target throughout the colder months.
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A challenging and mature spring-fed 4½-acre triangular lake ranging from three to 12 feet deep with three islands, set in 14 acres of woodland with amazing birdlife – quiet!
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Description: A 3-acre lake with gulleys, gravel bars and islands. Depths run from five feet to 17 feet. There is a small island on the northeast bank to separate the lake into two bays. General boilie and pellet tactics work well with zig rigs being a great tactic when the pressure is high and the fish are sat in middle layers.
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This seven-acre reservoir has been opened as a commercial fishery since 1997. With a traditional path or timber walkway all around, the lake boasts 66 pegs, all of which are easily accessible and large enough to accommodate even the biggest amount of fishing tackle. The bottom is relatively flat with an average depth of five feet, up to just over seven. There are four mature, reed-fringed islands.
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Korda and Mainline angler and tutor Loz East spills the beans this time.