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A three-acre lake near the Quantock Hills. Purpose-built Carp Cabins are available for longer stays
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The Carp That Prompted Anglers To Sing.

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Looking for the extra distance on your venue? Look no further as Daiwa has produced another blockbusting combo.

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Maximise your range while being kind(er) to your wallet!
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Accurate feeding and careful introduction of bait is key to success, and PVA bags are a crucial element in ELLIS BRAZIER’s approach.

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A scenic 25-acre lake with over a dozen wood-chipped swims
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Dave Levy, Jay Cater & Dan Hawkes are joined by a new recruit, James Armstrong and they head back to where it all started, Jezero Šumbar, a lake that holds record-breaking fish!

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A 16-acre gravel pit with five tree-lined islands and huge variety of features
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This time it’s the turn of one of the founders of Total Carp magazine, Jim Foster, to answer the questions.

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Bait Buff Mark Holmes reveals why Shimano Isolate LT94 is his choice of boilie for his four season baiting approach.