Total Carp Staff

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In this article we speak to Jon Stewart, Dovetail Games' lead artist for fishing, about how they make the fish look so accurate and how they ensure there are so many variations of each species so every catch looks different.

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Packed with more content than any other carp monthly!
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Landing, unhooking, retaining - This range ticks all the boxes.

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Which new venues will feature, why were they chosen and how did the team go about making the venues look and feel so realistic? Read on to find out more...

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SUN'S OUT - OILS ON! We're not talking Hawaiian Tropic and getting that golden glow... this extensive range of oils from Bait-Tech adds pulling power to your bait!
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With changeable weather, lost fish and imperative tactical changes, you’d think Mark Wozencroft had a summer to forget… until you see his list of captures!

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Alarms that take some beating where cost and functions are concerned.

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Angling Trust’s proposal to Government to get us fishing safely again.

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Dovetail Games Brand and partner manager, Darren Nokes, details the journey the company has been on to get to this point and what The Catch will have in store for players.