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Want a job that puts you right in the middle of the carp fishing scene? Well, we’ve got an unmissable job opportunity at TOTAL CARP – the chance to become the magazine’s new EDITOR!

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Keep your chilled goods cool as temperatures soar!
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Last Month, Ian Russell heads to Willow park for a dual tuition with TC readers Sean and Steve!
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We joined Henry Lennon for an action-packed session using a boat to target the carp!
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Trakker combines fashion and function into 10 high quality technical garments!
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If you’re hoping to expand your angling horizons with a fishing trip across the Channel, make sure you read this to get the most out of it – bon chance!

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This competition closes on Friday, July 26th 2024.

Here’s your chance to win a South Westerly Pro Uni Spider Bivvy bundle worth over £500!

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The summer is now in full swing; the carp have hopefully got all their funny business out of the way and now it’s down to feeding time! So, what can you expect from this month’s magazine?

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Kent Particles brand new range of fresh particles!