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With a respite from the prolonged hot weather all lakes fished well this weekend. On Damsel Connor Woods caught a 24lb. Jamie Boness, Jack Aris and Ricky Aris fishing together caught several low to mid doubles and few bream. Stuart Raby netted 3 to 17-08 and a 7lb bream.
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This weekend was a little quieter than last weekend here at Manor Farm. Margins and zigs still being your best option. Damsel: Paul Johnson caught a 20lb, Paul Caudrey 3 mid doubles and an 18lb. Neil Alexander 2 to 20lb.
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Lots of families were out on Damsel this weekend, Midge caught a 15lb common and 10 bream, although he was not too happy about the bream. . Amir had 4 to 10-13 but the best of the group was young Daisy who bagged an 18-08. Dan Cox took 7 to 18-09 and a tench, Sam Holland 2 to 20-04, a PB for him.
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Fishing has picked up this weekend with a good number of 20's from Carp Lake. Notable catches are as follows. Damsel: Jay caught 4 to 16-08, Will 4 to a 20lb mirror and Andy a 16lb and a 22lb. Plenty of Bream were coming out too.
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The fishing picked up this weekend with several anglers netting good multiple catches. Highlights as follows. On Damsel plenty of bream to 8lb were coming out. Andy caught a 21lb common from the margin and Nick a 15-14.
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The variable weather has continued to make life difficult for anglers although there have been some good catches over the weekend. On Damsel Martin Gray caught 14-08 and a 4lb tench. Steve Way caught 2 commons at 14lb and 21-08. Darren Twyler netted a 19-03 mirror.
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Sporadic spawning and heavy weather conspired against anglers this weekend and saw many struggle, there were however some notable highlights. On Damsel Theresa and Mike McEvoy booked a 6 night stint to celebrate Theresa's birthday and target the bream. Sadly Theresa failed to locate the bream but did pick up a welcome tench. She also caught 5 nuisance carp, including her PB at 19-08 on a size 18 hook.
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On Damsel Craig Daniels bagged 5 to 18lb, fishing with Lee Turner who caught 3 to 21-08 and Tom Large 5 to 13lb. Jamie Pullen caught 5 to 21lb, Glem Barrable had 2 to an 18-10 common, Ben Bowler 5 to 18-04. Matthew Lucas beat his dad into second place taking 8 to 21-04 his dad Michael with 5 to 16-04. The most notable catch was Paul Goldsmith, aged 15, who snared his PB and one of the biggest in the lake at 25-10.