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This lovely little three-acre lake has plenty of features to target, either in the main body of the lake or up the canal-like arm that runs along one side
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A mature six-acre lake steeped in carp fishing history. With a few nice snaggy bays there's plenty of chances to catch fish feeding in the edge. With numerous underwater features to target the rewards are certainly there to be had.
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Description: At 25 acres, Barston Lake is a very popular carp and match venue. With a large head of fish and an average size of mid-doubles it can be quite prolific – even in winter if you can find them.
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This fantastic two-acre venue is a well-maintained facility that provides excellent sport even in the colder months. Day tickets can be easily purchased from the on-site shop or on the bank.
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When comfort and practicality go hand in hand it's worth investigating and already the Air-Line is turning heads.

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Once again the boys and girls at RidgeMonkey have been busy and raised the bar with the next evolution in bankside power!
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With Christmas coming here are 11 essential carpy gift ideas, recommended by Total Fishing Tackle – just circle what you want and leave it where Santa can find it!

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This time match angler turned specimen angler turned carp angler Matt Eaton reveals all.

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With the season of goodwill and giving gifts upon us, we’re wondering what fishing-related presents you want to find under your tree, or maybe you are treating yourself to some shiny new fishing gear? Either way, we (and your fellow readers) want to know if Santa is going to be good to you this holiday season and, more to the point, what will be the best fishing gift you want to receive (or treat yourself to)? Be sure to leave a comment about your wish list or special gift. Happy Christmas!
What new gear do you want for Xmas?
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This competition is now closed, the winner was Philip Pickard from North Humberland.

Thanks to Thinking Anglers we have a fantastic unhooking mat to give away, worth £69.99!