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Chestnut Pool is a mature three-acre lake with 20 swims and has depths between four to six feet. Two islands situated in the middle help to break the pool up nicely and a variety of lake beds can be found, from clay to hard gravel
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One of six lakes on the complex, Bluebell is considered the most popular and the best bet for a newcomer. This stunning water is any carp angler's paradise. With an abundance of features to find, this scenic venue provides a good chance of getting among the stunning carp that Bluebell has to offer
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Prairie Lake is a prolific three-acre, 14 swim lake, where there is always a good chance of a few runs, even if the weather's at its worst. It's one of the venue's seven lakes and manic carp action can regularly be found
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Set in six acres of woodland, this pretty tree-lined two-acre lake is stream fed with a depth of three feet down to seven feet at the dam end. There is only one triple swim for up to six rods next to a luxurious lakeside gite that fits four. A perfect venue for a small party that wants privacy
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This competition is now closed, the winners are Richard Wood in Leeds, Carl Hickey in Bucks & Garbriel Dragu in West Sussex.

We've teamed up with Jeremy Wade to give away three signed copies of his new book 'How to Think Like a Fish'

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Packed with enough content to keep you catching through Christmas and in to the new year!

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Big carp bounty hunter NIGEL SHARP sheds light on how to have a successful winters' angling
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We wind back the clocks to the early days of DAVE LEVY's Big Carp Mindset series, where he lands a Horton fifty for the Total Carp cameras!

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Never one to mindlessly follow suit, ADAM PENNING challenges the winter stereotype of only using sweet, creamy and fruity baits in cold water.

Adam Penning  |  Nov 18, 2019  |  First Published: Dec 01, 2017  |  0 comments
ADAM PENNING reflects on the cold-weather tactics which landed him the incredible Coconut Common!