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The new design and concept ideas of the Emblem have been in the making for over 18 months. Completely redesigning the range of Emblem rods was no easy feat, after all, how do you make great rods even better? Well, Daiwa has!

Having stripped the Emblem right the way back, the team decided it was best to incorporate a whole new blank; this would be thinner than ever before and offer a beautiful balance between casting and fish playing action, two attributes of a carp rod that do not often go hand in hand.

The Emblem XT X45 is the first ever rod at this price point to now include Daiwa’s high end X45 carbon technology, as the name subtly indicates. X45 is basically a specific type of carbon, designed for the improvement of the torsion resistance. This construction results in the rods being stronger and more distortion proof, making it perfect for anglers chucking long distances, with big leads. In a nutshell, this translates into improved accuracy and greater distance. It’s safe to say that this rod certainly feels at home amongst Daiwa’s more premium models!

Utilising the benefits of High-Volume Fibre, the Emblem also now delivers a higher level of power-to-weight ratio than most other carp rods; light in weight but with a good backbone, casting this rod multiple times throughout a session will never become a chore!

The blank is finished with a 1k woven carbon material and matching 1k carbon infill. Other features include the American Tackle TiForge guides, Fuji DPS reel seat and an abbreviated shrink handle that make the aesthetics of the rod sleek and modern, certainly a little different to most rods you’ll see out on the bank. Some people love the look of those guides while others prefer a more conventional pattern, but there’s no denying their technical efficiency for casting, radically reducing the occurrence of frap-ups. The flared EVA cone on the butt of the rod provides extra grip when casting and also allows the rods to be locked up tight at this point with gripping style butt rests, ensuring even the most vicious takes won’t drag the rods off the rest.

The prize rods are the more traditional 12ft models in 3.75lb, with an RRP of £230 each – they have the backbone for big casts while still retaining plenty of action in the tip for playing fish… and you can win a set of three for free!

For your chance to win three Daiwa Emblem XT X45 rods worth £690, simply answer the following question. Good luck!

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