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After catching his first 50-pounder, we grill Adam Reed for the finer details about his fishing life!

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Setting your expectations high doesn't mean breaking the bank, as the new Crosscast reel clearly demonstrates!

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Never find yourself second guessing the weight of your hard-earned prize with a set of Reubens.
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How do you make the best-selling TX-2 even more desirable? A cork handle of course!

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Exactly as it says on the packet – Razor points!

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We kick 2021 off in style with some of the biggest names in carp fishing gracing our pages.

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Stay warm and comfortable on the bank with high-quality technical clothing from Speero

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We arranged to meet up with seasoned all-rounder and short-session angler Rich Wilby, to pick his brains and put him to the test of catching live for the TC cameras on a cold, early winter morning.

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Scott Lloyd explains why he fishes the silt at this time of year and reveals how he does so to the best effect…