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An all-in-one rig and tackle storage solution.

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Ditch your trainers this summer for a more comfortable piece of footwear, specifically designer with the angler in mind!

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Big Carp catcher Mark Holmes' reveals how to tie his Slip-D Multi Rig

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With more people going fishing for the first time or returning to the sport after lockdown restrictions on angling were lifted in the UK, the Angling Trade Association’s (ATA) 2020 Take A Friend Fishing initiative is going from strength to strength.

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An extensive range of quality braids to suit every situation.

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James Armstrong reveals a super subtle fluorocarbon presentation which has helped him land carp to over 48lb in the UK.

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No, its not flavoured with Krill or Manilla…its the sticky Teriyaki glaze that makes this Salmon dish super tasty.

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With its striking olive green and camouflage combination, the Tactical Brolly has to be one of our favourite compact brolly systems on the market today.

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Take one of the most successful baits around... and make it even better!
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With the rise of budding photographers out on the bank, Shimano ensure your expensive camera kit is protected!