DEEPER | Smart Sonar PRO+ 2

Since Deeper hit the carp market some years ago, it has fast become a key part in many an angler’s armoury when targeting new venues or looking to reveal previously unknown carp hotspots, in both small intimate waters and huge inland seas. If you are looking to identify previous feeding areas you would have overlooked, or perhaps even identify at what depths carp are cruising when looking to target them with zigs, this just may be the device you need in your tackle box. 

Being both easy to cast or utilise via boat or bait boat, the Smart Sonar PRO+ 2 offers an invaluable insight into a water’s depth, temperature, substrate, fish movement and more. Now featuring an improved three beam frequency you can actively enjoy clearer and crisper visuals of the lake’s topography or even fish shoals when located.

You can cover large expanses of water and locate fish holding spots faster than before with the wide-angle 47° beam (100kHz). Use the mid angle 20° beam (240kHz) to further pinpoint an area of interest and then eventually take it one step further and either investigate a target species or minute depression of interest in the lake bed with the very detailed 7° narrow angle beam (675kHz).

As well as identifying substrate changes, weed beds, depth variations and other structures or area of interests the hi-tech device also features a built in GPS. This handy feature allows the user to create lake specific maps, saving and recording areas of interest to the easy to use Fish Deeper software, accessible on any device. Simply cast or begin trolling and your device will automatically start mapping the water body in unprecedented detail. Now with improved depth and casting range, the device is capable of scanning down from 15 centimetres to a remarkable 100 metres with acute accuracy and precision and with an integral wi-fi system, capable of connecting up to 100 metres away, will connect to your smart device (from iOS 13.0 and Android 6.0 to the latest iOS and Android devices) using no cellular data, which is significant when targeting venues that are renowned for poor reception and signal.

Constructed from an ABS enclosure and titanium inserts, the device is capable of big casts and being used in all weather conditions, boasting both durability and reliability. The device itself utilises a Li-Ion, 3.7V rechargeable, 950 mAH battery and can also be fast charged to 80 per cent in 45 minutes and fully charged in 75 minutes, operating up to nine hours dependant on usage. 

Supplied with a charging USB cable, neoprene pouch, device, attachment bolts and a quick guide in the box, no sooner have you opened the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ 2 than you are ready to begin locating some carp!

RRP: £239.99