ZEISS | Antifog Kit

This one is something a little bit different to the usual carpy fodder that you’ll expect to see on these pages. It’s only a small and inexpensive product, but sometimes the smallest things can make big impressions.

Let me start by saying that vision is one of the most important parts of my carp fishing armoury. I’ve always been a very visual angler and I love watching carp in the edge. As such, polarising sunglasses are one of my absolute essentials when it comes to angling. I’ve also not got the best eyesight in the world, so if I’m not wearing polaroids for close range observation, then chances are I need my normal glasses for watching the water and seeing finer details such as discreet shows and small patches of fizz. One of my bugbears is glasses fogging up and it always seems to happen at the most inopportune times – usually as a carp is about to engulf the hook bait!

Thankfully, Zeiss was kind enough to fire one of these handy little kits my way and I’ve got to say I’m mightily impressed!

The AntiFOG kit is designed to fight fogging for up to three days by applying a thin hydrophilic film to the lens. This spreads any moisture on the lens into a thin, even layer rather than the microscopic droplets that lead to impaired vision. Simply spray your glasses and give them a little polish with the cloth provided and you’ve got fog-free vision for the rest of your session.

Available from Boots Opticians, Amazon and selected independent opticians.

RRP: £7.99
WEBSITE: www.zeiss.com
Matt Townend's Verdict: “Fog-free vision all session long!”