Every now and then you come across a tackle item that you never knew you needed, although once you learn of the benefits from its use you may start to think otherwise! New Direction’s Water Pump is one such product that is great for disabled and able bodied anglers alike.

One of the biggest advantages to using the pump is to avoid bending or reaching down for a bucket of water when fishing swims and lakes with low water levels. There is more than enough tube supplied to reach the water’s edge in any swim and in testing the pump was able to discharge water at a height of over 2.8 metres! So whether you’re washing your hands and equipment during spodding, washing your bait boat or even keeping water on tap with a fish on the bank, the ND pump stops you from having to clamber down the bank to the water’s edge.

For long session anglers the application of the pump is also ideal for using inside drums of fresh water to keep clean on the bank, whether that’s brushing teeth, washing pots after a tasty meal or even using it as a shower! Obviously, it’s best not to use it in the lake if you’re planning on using it for these purposes!

Using the pump is as easy as screwing on a storm pole or bankstick or even the installed clip for attaching on to a bucket. Bend the nozzle to your preferred angle and simply turn the device on and off with a double press of the power button. The pump’s battery is rechargeable through the use of a micro USB, be it a power source at home or while on the bank using a power pack.

RRP: £39.00