RIDGEMONKEY | Vault C-Smart Wireless 26950mAh

When RidgeMonkey brought its first Vault Battery Pack to the market in 2016 it was quite simply a game changer. With more power than seen before, unrivalled build quality, durability and built for life on the bank we were huge advocates of the product. These newest additions to the range include a limited edition range of chargers featuring a lovely little touch of camou. Yes, we are aware that the coloration will not change any performance, but we aren’t going to lie, it looks sleek and cool and we are definitely fans!

Over the last four years, we have seen the C-Smart range take over, offering faster charging options and lighter, smaller units all without compromising quality and customer satisfaction. The newest addition to the range, raised the bar once more with the inclusion of the Qi compatible wireless technology, allowing you to banish the cables for devices that benefit from having wireless charging facility. This may sound a little like overkill – what was the hardship of carrying a cable, we hear you ask, well in all honesty, nothing. However, it was one of those problems you didn’t know you had until you start using wireless charging, and then you realise the days of broken cables, wrong cables or leaving the cable in your car can all be forgotten!

The Vault C-Smart Wireless offers ultra-intelligent superfast USB-C Power Delivery, Dual 2.4A USB-A ports and a 12VC DC output, as well as effortless 10W of wireless power delivery. For those of you that are not technically minded, do not feel segregated, we aren’t either! But basically all of these numbers mean you can rest safe in the knowledge that you and all of your devices will never be left without power!

The chargers are now available in three sizes: 26950, 42150 and 77850 to suit all of your power requirements. With the premium grade lithium polymer battery even the smallest of the bunch packs a serious punch and will fully charge extra-large high-end smartphones or mid-range older devices 10 to 12 times. Meanwhile the biggest model will charge larger devices as many as 15 times and modern mid-sized devices up to 20 times, and older devices as many as 31 full charges! If you ever need more power than this on a fishing session, you perhaps need to question why you go fishing in the first place!

Measuring in at 182mm x 103mm x 30mm and weighing just 650g (device only) the most compact 26950 wireless charger is perfect for day-to-day use, anglers on the move, and what’s more it is completely cabin hand luggage friendly, so ideal for use if you are a frequent traveller or just want some extra power when taking your children on holiday – when we are allowed to freely fly of course! Meanwhile the 77850 largest of the bunch is perfect for longer sessions, anglers who need to use larger devices such as laptops for work on the bank or even couples and fishing buddies who like to angle side by side.

RRP: £109.99
WEBSITE: www.ridgemonkey.co.uk