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Once again the boys and girls at RidgeMonkey have been busy and raised the bar with the next evolution in bankside power!
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Slim but strong 6ft landing-net handle with additional extension section for longer reach. Complete with brass thread and x-wrap handle grips. £32. 50For more information go to www.
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The waterproof, non-slip Bivy Top Work Station.

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Compact folding shield to eliminate wind • Lightweight aluminium construction • Securing pins to fasten it in placeFor more details go to: www. anglingdirect. co. ukPrice: £9.
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If there’s one thing I hate it’s getting my car muddied up with my fishing tackle, so a boot liner of some description has always been a must. Having tested this one through each of the four seasons, it’s stood up well to the task of keeping my motor relatively clean and tidy. I have what you might call a small estate car, a BMW 3 series, and the Aqua Boot Liner fits it perfectly – you’d be forgiven for thinking that it had been made especially for this model. That leads me to think that it may fall a little short if you own a significantly bigger car.
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Robust, reliable construction Full-width top zip and twin handles 4kg capacity DPM camou detailing and finish £13. 99 WWW. AQUAPRODUCTS. CO.
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I have two weaknesses when it comes to carp kit… bobbins and little bags, and these are right up my street. In fact, I use one of these very sacks to keep some of my bobbins in! Available in DPM and plain green, there are three sizes and all of them come in extremely useful whatever you’re trying to store and keep organised. Unlike more rigid luggage or even boxes, they take up very little room and if, like me, you’ve been trying to cut your kit down a bit, they are spot-on. The relatively padded, quilted construction makes for some protection for the contents and a drawstring means they can be closed up if needs be.
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The unique design of the frame means it can be completely folded away for easy storage. It also keeps the carp well clear of the ground during unhooking and photographingAvid CarpCarp CouchRRP: £89. 99www. avidcarp.
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Bivvy table, which, instead of having legs, is designed to attach to the leg of a chair or bedchair. Thoughtful design gives space for all essential items. £29. 99For more information go to www.
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I’ll be honest, I’m not sure this is an absolute must-have product. After all, we’ve managed to spod from a bucket for a long time without having a rod rest attached to it. However, that’s not to say that some anglers won’t find it very handy, so there is a definite place for it. The first feature is that it holds a square bucket at a comfortable height without the need to any added accessories.
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Stiff, tough monofilament hook link Perfect for chod and stiff-rig presentations Clear coloration 20lb and 25lb breaking strains Will take on curves easily £5. 99 WWW. AVIDCARP. COM .
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Foldout carp unhooking mat that works similarly to a lightweight camping bed. Offers all-round support and padding to safely cradle carp while being cared for on the bank. Large capacity copes with the biggest carp, yet it folds away into a manageable bag. £89.
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Top safety bead for chod fishing on a leader or direct on your main line. There are nine in each pack and they come supplied on wires to make threading them a doddle. Avid Carp Chod Beads RRP: £3. 50for more informationgo to: www.
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Shorter and more lightweight Yardsticks Black with swan neck design and pointed tip Unique glow-in-the-dark tips Includes 12ft cord with distance toggles £14. 99 WWW. AVIDCARP. COM .
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As a result of doing a lot of PVA-bag work recently, I have moved from a coated hook link to a suppler alternative. The Pin Down is extremely easy to work with and simple to manipulate when placing it inside a PVA bag. I have been using the Weed/Silt colour, which looks great over the lake bed because the mottled, broken colour virtually disappears. The hook link is quite heavy, which again I like because it eliminates the need to add putty.