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• Includes 10 heavy-duty bivvy pegs• Rubber-headed mallet• Complete in neat Velcro rollRRP: £19. 99FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO: www. daiwasports. co.
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Supple coated braid hook link Durable mottled outer coating Finished in an unobtrusive camou brown Supplied on 20m spools Available in 20lb breaking strain £12. 49 WWW. DECEPTIONANGLING. CO.
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Ideal hook link for boom and stiff sections Extremely easy to work with Fine diameter to help use with a knotless knot Available in 20lb breaking strain £4. 25 WWW. DECEPTIONANGLING. CO.
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Quite simply this device has to be seen to be believed!

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There is infinitely more to Delkim these days than simply the market-leading alarms. A wide number of accessories are also available, including several that attach to the alarm to allow Delkim users to create a complete bite-indication system. The first of these is the D-Lok quick-release system. This not only allows easy removal and replacement of the alarms from and back on to the buzz bars, but also allows perfect alignment of the alarms.
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Super-durable Delkim alarm covers Six colours available Match with your alarms’ LEDs Official Delkim merchandise £5. 99 WWW. DELKIM. CO.
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• Comprises ES Nitelite Pro and the ES Duocarb system for a complete setup• The Nitelite Pro can be used as a hanging bobbin or with the Duocarb arm to create a swinger• Simply plug the bobbin into the jack lead on the alarm to make it illuminateRRP: £32. 49FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO: www. delkim. co.
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The only problem with the renowned Delkim alarms is that they all look the same. Well not now, the Identikit helps to personalise yours and make them individual to you. With 26 nationalities to chose from, there’s an abundance of options to show off your patriotism. Among the national-flag dome labels the kit comes with a Delkim printed lanyard and attachment, which fits any Delkim receiver, allowing it to be kept close and hung around your neck.
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Although I have written a similar Used & Abused review in the past, in the months that followed I continued to use these in my fishing and got to know exactly how they work. I would never go back to a conventional line clip because the Smart Clip truly offers versatility that no other clip ever could. Firstly, they are absolutely universal and can fit to any rod and works with any alarm and bobbin combination, not just those from Delkim. They are extremely easy to fit and remove, via a simple rubber ‘O’ ring that is looped around the blank.
Total Carp Staff  |  Jan 24, 2014  |  0 comments
We first received these some time ago and gave them a preview from the information provided. However, when the Delkim boys came into the office for some filming more recently, and explained exactly how the Smart Clips work, we all clamoured to get a set for ourselves. I’ve since used them on a few occasions and can honestly say that I wouldn’t use another line clip. Ideally suited to work in conjunction with Delkim’s complete indication system, they also work perfectly with any other bobbins and fit on any carp rod.
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The TC boys get to grips with tackle and bait, testing them to the limit out on the bank. Here’s what they think…DELKIM SAFE-D CARBON SNAG BARSRRP: £13. 99 per pairWebsite: www. delkim.
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From dumpy pears, Hex distance, grippers to minute pink back leads, yes you heard me, pink back leads, Donk Leadz do them all. With the aim to offer a service to meet the angler’s needs no matter if you are fishing a lowland estate lake or highly pressured gravel pit, they do have a coating to suit. We have seen several versions of the craftsmanship and we are very impressed indeed, especially with the weed effect and peat versions, which look like they will easily take on liquids and substrate colour. The dark swivels are a nice addition to finish the lead off and, although some may say it’s pedantic, it’s my preference to be as subtle as possible.
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Spray-on protective film Provides a barrier against airborne and waterborne infections Spray it on and get protected A small price to pay for your health and wellbeing £4. 95 WWW. DR-WEILS. CO.
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The Tackle Box’s Lee Jackson says: I’m always interested when a new range of hooks comes onto the market, although generally a bit disappointed when they resemble patterns that are already available. These hooks are quite a lot different from the norm, however, and are made in the US using surgically sharpening technology. This technology creates a precision-ground, triple-sided point that penetrates with very little pressure, therefore hopefully converting more enquiries into bites. There are something like five patterns in the range, but the ones we have chosen to stock are what we consider are going to be the most popular, the Magnum Wide Gape, Magnum Curved Shank and Magnum Chod, all of which are available in the most popular carp hook sizes.
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What’s the point of having expensive alarms if they are going to get ruined in transit? Exactly, there’s no point at all. These universal-fit pouches are the perfect answer to help protect your bite alarms. What’s more, they can actually house your bobbin too. Designed with a unique mesh pocket, you can safely house your bobbins, isotopes and even drag weights when changing swims or adjusting your setup.