Aqua Products Stuff Sacks

I have two weaknesses when it comes to carp kit… bobbins and little bags, and these are right up my street. In fact, I use one of these very sacks to keep some of my bobbins in!

Available in DPM and plain green, there are three sizes and all of them come in extremely useful whatever you’re trying to store and keep organised. Unlike more rigid luggage or even boxes, they take up very little room and if, like me, you’ve been trying to cut your kit down a bit, they are spot-on.

The relatively padded, quilted construction makes for some protection for the contents and a drawstring means they can be closed up if needs be. Finally, one great touch is that the outer is made from Aquatexx so is fully waterproof. I love these – you can never have too many pouches in your life! (MC)

£7.99, £8.99 and £9.99


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