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Total Carp Staff  |  Oct 08, 2019  |  0 comments
Wychwood's top-end offering in two compact versions.
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We give you the lowdown on arguably the best rod of 2018.
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Daiwa - Black Widow Spod Rod & Windcast Reel£59. 99 and £109. 99 As you would expect from the Daiwa corner, this rod and reel combination screamed quality from the off. With a graphite body and quick drag feature complemented by the 4.
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The Tackle Box’s Lee Jackson says: A good quality and very affordable carp rod range built on natural gloss grey carbon blanks with classic cosmetics, including full-length cork handles and ‘fold-friendly’ ringing for safer and more convenient storage and transportation. All of the rods in the range have a progressive action for crisp handling and all-round casting and fish-playing performance and benefit from The Tackle Box’s exclusive lifelong warranty. The range comprises 12ft, 10ft and 9ft rods, all of which have a 3lb test curve, and a 12ft 4lb test curve spod/marker rod. LEE JACKSON’s VERDICT “An awesome rod for quality and affordability” 9/10 £44.
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The Greys Prodigy needs no introduction, taking the angling world by storm a few years back. It was renowned for offering the full playing package in an affordable price bracket. The GT4 is the newest edition to this impressive stable. There’s a huge array of options, from the beefy 3lb test curve 10ft model making for an ideal boat or margin close-combat rod, to the more powerful 13ft 3.
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There is no hiding away from the recent trend in getting up close and personal with your quarry utilising time and space-saving short compact setups. At the forefront of this recent craze were without doubt the Dwarf and Scope ranges from Nash. Well, furthering its claim on this market, it is proud to release the new versions of the Dwarf rod range. Starting from a miniscule 6ft 2lb model they are also available in 9ft and 10ft lengths with test curves up to 3.
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Reliability and performance for a reasonable price… the Black Widow rod and reel combination gives the angler quality Daiwa pedigree without having to break the bank. The rod is made from a lightweight carbon blank, with slim DPS-style reel seat for that custom look. Decals have been kept to a minimum to give it a classy look, with 50mm ringing on all but the 10ft version, while super-sturdy stainless steel rings and ceramic guides keep friction to a minimum. The Black Widow reel complements the rods perfectly.
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When you think custom-built rods, or even quality rods for that matter, Harrison has to be near the top of your list and with a prestige and undisputed reputation in the field it is clear to see why. Designed under a strict set of guidelines from the dedicated team members at Planet Carp, they have done all the hard work for you and these easy to use casting rods are not only a concept but have been finished surpassing all expectations and really are items of beauty. Unlike the big boys of the casting world, the likes of the untameable Torrix and the insane Trebuchet, these rods can be compressed by the average carp angler to help put yards on their cast and could even offer ranges in excess of 180 yards plus. Once you’ve got to grips with them it will seem so effortless you will wonder why you never tried them sooner.
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You could easily be mistaken when searching for rods that they are all built with casting in mind, but what’s one of the most enjoyable parts of carp fishing? Yes, that’s right, the playing of the carp; the battle you waited so long to enjoy. Avid believes in the feel, action and sensation of the fight and that’s why the new rod range encompasses a smooth, bendy parabolic action with hand-picked cosmetics for a true first-class finish. Each of the four models feature Non-Lock carbon materials boasting a super-slim diameter. As you would expect, each comes fitted with high-end Fuji reel seats and Japanese shrink-wrap handle seamlessly finished with lightweight SiC guides along the rod.
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This year has seen the rise of the mobile angler, creeping around urban settings, catching the bus or just in a bid to travel light and keep on the move. Well Kodex have answered back with this tidy four-piece compact rod. With a test curve of 3lb it is ample for the majority of fishing situations you will be faced with and will deal with the rigours of modern carp angling thanks to the quality of fittings used throughout. Breaking down to a minimal 42 inches, the rod can be transported with ease and set up to a 9ft length or with the extra section a wholesome 10ft.
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Lee Jackson’s verdict - The perfect carp rod. I love these and use them all the time. 5/5 The Tackle Box’s Lee Jackson says: Having been involved with Free Spirit from the very start and having worked for The Tackle Box for something like 28 years, there have always been little ‘tweaks’ that I have built into my own rods that I prefer to the standard versions. The Python rod is no exception.
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GREAT VALUE! This abbreviated-handle variation of Wychwood’s hugely popular 101 series of rods is available in a limited run and only for a certain period of time. Once they’re gone that’s it, so I guess they are a limited edition carp rod, and all for under £60 each. As with the C-101 and D-101, with their cork and Duplon handles, respectively (see what they’ve done there?) they boast extremely impressive blanks for a carp rod in this price range. Never has a carp rod represented more obviously the boundaries that are constantly being pushed in this ‘budget’ price bracket and the results are extremely impressive.
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Dan Murrell’s verdict - An absolute joy to use and I have no complaints yet. Superb! 5/5 Having used big pits for what seems like forever, I have to be honest and say I was a little dubious about stepping away from one of the more prominent, well-established brands and trying these out. How wrong was I? They have been exceptional. I have used these for over three months, clocking up somewhere in the region of probably over 500 fishing hours, and I am yet to find something I do not like.
Total Carp Staff  |  Aug 03, 2016  |  0 comments
BARGAIN!Whether you like a 12ft, 13ft or a smaller 9ft or 10ft wand, you want to enjoy the experience and, new for 2016, the SK3 rods tick that box. With a very progressive middle to tip action, the 9ft variations are ideal for anglers targeting small waters or who like to fish at close quarters. Our designer, Katie Griffiths, has started to carp fish and found that shorter rods are actually easier to control, thus resulting in increased accuracy and casting, so bear that in mind for any newcomers to our sport, or equally if you would like the children to get involved. The rods are constructed from a powerful low-resin carbon fibre blank incorporating a 1K carbon weave on the butt section.
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Marc Coulson’s verdict - Early signs are extremely good. 3. 5/5 Okay, first things first, I have only actually had these out a handful of times because my fishing doesn’t warrant their use at the moment. Small waters and wary carp do not respond to thrashing the water to a foam with a marker and then spodding over the top.