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Daiwa - Black Widow Spod Rod & Windcast Reel
1£59.99 and £109.99

As you would expect from the Daiwa corner, this rod and reel combination screamed quality from the off. With a graphite body and quick drag feature complemented by the 4.5lb Black Widow slim blank, this is a nice balanced setup. The rod was very responsive and with its progressive action and 50mm butt ring, the braid sailed off the spool. If you are looking to fish with a comfortable and reliable setup you won’t be disappointed. In the right hands, this 12ft rod can hit 120 yards with ease.

•Rod weight: 416g

•Reel weight: 683g

•Retrieve: 120 centimetres per handle turn

•Rod length: 12ft

•Test curve: 4.5lb

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Fox Warrior S Spod Rod & EOS 12000 Reel

2£74.99 and £94.99

Being as expensive as the Daiwa setup we were expecting good things, and they delivered. The reel is among one of the smoothest on test and has a large tapered spool, which suited our casting styles. The rod is rated at 5.5lb test curve and was one of the most user-friendly in achieving good range but without having to have the ability to fully the laod the blank. From the stable that brought us the tried and tested Warrior carp rods, you can beat this one up on a regular basis but it won’t let you down when you need it.

•Rod weight: 396g

•Reel weight: 777g


•Rod length: 12ft

•Test curve: 5.5lb

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Greys XSM Spod Rod & Mitchell Avocast 8000

GREYS rods and reels tc 17£169.99 and £74.99

This is the big bad boy of the test. It’s easily the heaviest combination we tried out, but will cope with the biggest of Spombs and spods with ease. A true distance tool, the XSM also doubles up as a fully functioning marker rod, so bear that in mind when you look at the price. It is fair to say that we would not recommend this to a newcomer to the world of spodding because they might not be able to get the most from it, but it is fun trying to get there! If you are an experienced caster and look to push the boundaries then this is the one for you.

•Rod weight: 508g

•Reel weight: 851g


•Rod length: 13ft

•Test curve: 5.5lb

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Prologic C1A Spod Rod & Okuma X-Spot Reel

PROLOGIC rod and reels tc 17Both £59.99

Costing just £119.98 for the rod and reel, this is one of the cheapest combos on test. First impressions were astounding for the rod; we honestly feel that with a 5oz to 6oz casting weight you would utilise the whole blank and be capable of baiting up at 140 yards plus. The reel had a lovely wide spool that felt good in the hand. However, we have to be honest and say the back wind facility was hesitant to say the least, even when engaged. But how vital is back wind on a spod reel with front drag anyway?

•Rod weight: 457g

•Reel weight: 744g

•Retrieve: High speed

•Rod length: 12ft

•Test curve: 4.5lb

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TF GEAR DL Black Edition Spod Rod & Black Edition Spod Reel

 TF GEAR 02 reels rodsBoth £59.99

With this rod and reel combination coming in at just under £120 it boasts both quality and value for money.  The Black Edition reel comes supplied with 30lb Banana braid, which has been tried and tested for the job at hand. As for the rod, it was very responsive and with a test curve of 4.5lb, it is more than capable of reaching distances over 100 yards without too much work. We highly recommend this setup as an affordable combo that will take some beating and will let you beat it up in the process too.

•Rod weight: 391g

•Reel weight: 878g


•Rod length: 12ft

•Test curve: 4.7lb

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Wychwood Dispatch Spod Rod & Dispatch 7500 Spod Reel

WYCHWOOD 02 rod reelBoth £64.99

This was the only reel that when purchased came already spooled with 30lb braid, which is great for anglers who don’t wish to spool up their reel or have the expense of buying braid. However, this was the only reel that was slightly underfilled and did result in a wind knot. The rod, however, was a contrast. It was responsive and easy to load, even with a lesser weight of 4oz, making it perfect for small to medium sized Spombs. Katie felt a lot more comfortable using this model than some of the larger varieties.

•Rod weight: 747g

•Reel weight: 427g

•Retrieve: More than one metre of line per handle turn

•Rod length: 12ft

•Test curve: Unclassified

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