SONIK | Gravity XFW Rods

What you see here in front of you is the result of two years of working with some of the best materials from around the world to create a rod that is not only a beautiful long range caster but is also a great all-rounder too. Having been associated with Sonik for some time now, Frank Warwick had the opportunity to design a bespoke range of rods, resulting in the birth of the Gravity XFW Series Carp Rods. Frank was a big fan of Sonik’s Gravity X and wanted his own to resemble the same attributes in terms of wonderfully consistent casting performance, while also being a superb fish playing tool too.

With his benchmark set there were particular components that were required for the build, including lightweight black SiC guides. The reason behind this is European fishing often requires robust kit and the SiCs are extremely robust. Another durable and important part of the rod is the ALPS reel seat, which not only has a double winch fitting, securing any big pit on to the blank, but also has a beautiful aesthetic. The reel seat provides unrivalled grip in order to help with casting to extreme ranges when needed.

Amazingly on his very first outing using the initial batch of the Gravity XFW Rods, Frank was able to make a cast of 200 yards. This was his first cast with 12lb line, a 4.5oz lead and a shockleader and clearly proved this rod was going to be something very special.

The actual rod range has been kept very small; however, being a specialist tool it doesn’t need to have various lengths and test curves available. Instead there is a choice of two, whether that is the 12ft or 13ft version, both of which have a 3.5lb test curve.

To achieve such outstanding characteristics a high quality carbon blank is required and the new Gravity XFW uses a low resin carbon blank with a 1k carbon weave throughout, thus aiding performance and creating a breathtaking piece of kit that any angler would be more than happy to have sitting on their rests! The quality of the blank used will also curb any degradation of performance, which some more affordable carbon blanks can show after a number of years. So, while a substantial cost, these finely crafted tools should be seen as an investment for years to come.  

Frank has clearly used his many years of carp fishing and casting experience to good effect here and together with Sonik has arguably created its best rod yet. The 50mm butt rings featured on both rods in the range will see heavy leads or even solid bags fly towards the horizon with relative ease. The understated finish is found throughout, including that of the minimal detailing and full Japanese shrink rubber handle finished with an anodised laser etched butt cap.

A really nice touch also included with the purchase of every rod are neoprene butt, guide and tip protectors, ensuring the preservation of the rods and keeping them in as good a condition as when they were first purchased. It goes without saying that the Sonik Gravity XFW rod is going to be a future classic!

While at the Sonik Trade show, the editor was lucky enough to join Frank ‘in the field’ for a bit of casting and it’s safe to say both he and Frank were impressed, sending leads eye-watering distances with a rod that felt flexible and comfortable to use.

RRP: 12ft £389.99 – 13ft £399.99

“I’m very pleased, it’s an honour to have a rod with your name on – there’s not many people who have done that. As I’m well known for casting everyone expected it to be an out and out casting rod, but I wanted it to be a capable all-rounder. I like to use one set of rods for pretty much all of my fishing and I want these to become an extension of my arm.

“If fish are showing at range, I want to be able to really wind the rod up and launch a single to the horizon, but equally if the fish were close in, I wouldn’t want to be overgunned. It’s no good if you can’t fish accurately and comfortably at short range if that’s where the fish are.

“I also wanted the rods to be user friendly so that they are a pleasure to play fish on – in my mind that’s one of the best parts of catching a carp. Finally, rod cosmetics are a personal thing, but I think you’ll agree these are a sexy looking set!”