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Total Carp Staff  |  Jun 24, 2014  |  0 comments
• 7ft, two-piece stalking rod• Perfect for close-quarters stalking• Through-action blank helps to prevent hook-pulls when snag fishingRRP: £79. 99FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO: www. greysfishing. com.
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Since Fox’s Warrior blazed a trail some seven or eight years ago, carp rods at the lower end of the budget spectrum continue to get better and better. This is one area where you can definitely get some real value for money, some bang for your buck, if you like. Shimano’s Alivio DX is a classic case in point, with the tackle giant’s ability to produce its own blanks and completely control the quality of what comes out as the end product. In this case, that end product is a great-looking rod that boasts all the casting and playing characteristics that 90 per cent of carp anglers need.
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When I first received the CAST’IZM I thought it had been sent in error. It looked and felt sublime but I wrongly assumed that it was a heavy-duty feeder reel, so I e-mailed Stephen McCaveny at Daiwa to ask where it needed to be. There was an apology, but not for having sent it, more for not having told me he’d done so. It turns out the CAST’IZM is the latest stunning reel that Daiwa has launched onto the carp market and it appears to be a revelation.
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Greys has long been recognised as a top rod manufacturer and the Prodigy range has stood the test of time and accounted for some extraordinary catches along the way. The GT3 is available in a choice of 12ft or 13ft to suit the angler’s preference. The 13ft versions are only available in 3. 5lb test curve, with the traditional 12ft models in 2.
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Of late, it’s become extremely fashionable to own a set of big-pit reels regardless of the venue that you fish, well these little black beauties are set to change the trend. This compact baitrunner reel offers bundles of features but without breaking the bank. Featuring S-Surve Oscillation, these reels possess great line lay to aid casting and are fitted with a front and rear drag system, plus an instant anti-reverse function. With a gear ratio of 4.
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I remember my first set of Shimano Baitrunners, which I bought many years ago from Brentwood Angling Centre – actually I remember how happy I was when they were delivered. They were superb and, as far as I was concerned, I was the bee’s knees for owning a set. The classic double-handled design was, and remains, iconic, and very many models have followed. One of the latest versions is this XT-RB, available in 6000, 8000 and this 10000 version.
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I have been using the XTs for six months now and they have been nothing short of fantastic. The faultless line lay and the large, coned spool really aid casting, especially during big chucks. With just one turn of the front drag, the XTs can be easily turned from free spool to locked up, so it’s easy to use and it feels strong and durable when cranking in fish from long distances or through heavy weed. Small features like the discreet spring-loaded line clip are kind to the line and easy to use.
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Both the Infinity and Longbow DF rod ranges are widely recognised as having a fine pedigree. The development and design that has become much loved can be found in the UK-made Whisker models, which have once again been thoroughly tested and tried by Danny Fairbrass and members of Team Korda. Available in both 12 and 13ft models, to suit all your needs an array of test curves are present, ensuring that every casting ability is catered for. The 12ft version begins at 2.
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The original Baitrunner Long Cast (LC), lovingly known as the ‘Shimano Big Pit’ among its many users, gained a huge following with anglers who appreciated its rugged build quality, cranking power and reliability. Very few serious carp anglers over the last decade haven’t owned a set of these and very many still do. A modernised version of the Long Cast has been introduced, boasting the same reliability but with engineering to bring it into the modern age. As well as this model, Shimano has also introduced a medium version with the same attributes but in a more compact size, much more manageable for anglers on small to medium-sized venues.
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These little beauties from Sonik are brand new for 2014 and combine fantastic looks, outstanding performance and all at an incomparable value. They are 12 feet and available in a choice of test curves: 2. 75lb, which comes fitted with a 40mm butt ring, while the 3lb and 3. 25lb are complemented with 50mm butt rings.
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TC reader Phil Kirkham from Cardiff says: "I couldn’t believe it when Marc Coulson sent me two of these new reels from Daiwa. They are so new, in fact, that my local tackle shop doesn’t even have them in stock yet. "I’ve used them six times and they’ve been brilliant. I used to have some Daiwa Regals and I expected that these would be very similar.
Total Carp Staff  |  Dec 19, 2013  |  First Published: Dec 18, 2013  |  0 comments
The new big-pit reel from Wychwood offers an instant spod or marker reel straight out of the box that won’t break the bank. The Dispatch 7500 has an understated design with a classy matt-black finish and certainly won’t look out of place on the bank. It boasts an incredibly large spool that is supplied loaded with 200 metres of 30lb braid, so it’s ready to be used from the word go. Now that’s value for money.
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The successor to the Tournament 5000, which achieved cult status and continues to appeal to many anglers, the Entoh brought a new wave of technology to the top-end-reel market when first launched. Now, the latest incarnation, the 5000QDA, takes what is an already brilliant performer to a new level altogether. It’s not just about the sultry new matt-black body either, although this is in keeping with modern trends as reels move towards this stealthy look and away from the ‘bling’ of silvers and gunmetal greys. It’s packed full of Daiwa’s leading features, including AirBail, Twistbuster, Infinite Anti-Reverse; boasts a HardBodyz construction for longevity and generally has a feeling of quality build and reliability.
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Having used Greys’ Isoflex’s exclusively for six months I have definitely put them through their paces. I have fished a wide range of venues, some where long casts are necessary, and they have performed brilliantly. The fast-taper blank allows fantastic tip recovery, ensuring repeated smooth casts that hit the money every time. I swapped from progressive (through) action rods and have seen no significant fish loses due to the stiffer tip when playing fish.
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DFX stands for Distance Fishing Xtreme and these are recognised as great casting tools because they have a super-stiff action but feel as though they are forgiving enough to play fish in at close quarters. These two-piece 12ft rods are available in 2. 75lb, 3lb, 3. 25lb and 3.