SHIMANO | Tribal TX Intensity Spod Marker Rod & Ultegra Spod XTD Reel

Tribal TX Intensity Spod Marker Rod
It’s always very exciting to see a new product when new technology has been implemented for the very first time in the carp fishing market and the results are truly staggering. The use of a new blank material, otherwise known as Spiral X Core, works absolute wonders with this baiting tool set to deposit to large quantities of bait over its lifetime.

Spod rods need to be extremely powerful as well as accurate and the Tribal TX Intensity Spod Marker Rod ticks both of these boxes in fine fashion. This new blank is not only lighter than any previously used but this latest discovery helps to completely remove blank twist when winding up and casting at the most extreme distances. In windy or adverse weather conditions this is especially important to ensure the spod flies true to the required mark. While this is in fact an extreme distance action rod it is interesting to note that the TX Intensity Spod Marker Rod has a rather forgiving tip. It is in the mid-section and butt where the power lies and this makes compression of the rod just that little bit easier. Capable of casting even the largest bait rocket, spod or Spomb to the horizon, the aforementioned forgiving tip makes accurate short range baiting a real joy.

At 12ft in length and with a 5lb test curve rating this rod weighs in at an extraordinary 344g. A crafted EVA handle provides all the grip you would ever need and a stylish CI4+ reel seat is set to complement any big-pit.

RRP: £349.99

Ultegra Spod XTD
The XTD line of reels have proven to be an enormous hit for specimen carp anglers in the last two years and thanks to their success there is now a new kid on the block to complement them.

Designed to match the current XTD range is the all-new specifically crafted Ultegra Spod XTD. Being very similar in appearance to the Ultegra XTD 14000 this new reel from Shimano is intended to be used for marker float fishing and spodding for carp with a number of differences in comparison to the standard fishing reel. Three line clips have been positioned around the circumference of the spool, meaning that more than one spot can be marked at any one time.

The spool itself is shallow yet its capacity is large enough for any main line to be used, although typically for most anglers it would be a braid. No spare spools are provided with the Ultegra Spod XTD as spool changing is not necessary for the task of baiting up. Because of this the RRP is lower than it would have been.

The gearing ratio for this reel has been increased significantly for a faster retrieve speed, which is absolutely vital when fishing at long distances. Instead of retrieving 103 centimetres of line per turn of the handle now a total of 124 centimetres can be returned back on to the spool.

Although a small touch, it is most necessary and the handle of the reel has been treated to a much larger and rounded version for extra grip when dealing with sloppy and sticky mixes of bait.

RRP: £139.99