Nash Dwarf Rods

There is no hiding away from the recent trend in getting up close and personal with your quarry utilising time and space-saving short compact setups. At the forefront of this recent craze were without doubt the Dwarf and Scope ranges from Nash. Well, furthering its claim on this market, it is proud to release the new versions of the Dwarf rod range. Starting from a miniscule 6ft 2lb model they are also available in 9ft and 10ft lengths with test curves up to 3.5lb, making for one beast of a boat rod. Packing down to 29, 44 or 50 inches, each benefits from ergonomic soft-touch rubber reel seats, reverse mounted anti-frap Lo-fi ringing, flared shrink butt grip and line clip, to name but a few key features.

£49.99 to £98.99

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