A vast range of bite indication from New Direction!

For many people a bobbin is a bobbin; it provides resistance on the near side of the alarm to maintain a tight line over the bite alarm roller, ensuring positive bite indication when the line moves. However, bite indication doesn’t stop there and with a little extra thought and the right equipment, you can get a whole lot more from your bobbins than first meets the eye! Luckily, New Direction knows this and has a wide variety of indicators to suit every situation… so, let’s unpack this.

RRP £19.90

The all singing, all dancing T4 kit really does combine everything you need when it comes to bite indication. The kit features New Direction’s integrated ball bearing line clip, which has adjustable tension to suit any line type and diameter. There are three sizes of white PTFE bobbin heads included – 7.7g, 11.4g and 15.5g – allowing you to tailor the tension on your line to suit close range or long distance fishing.

Also included in the kit is both a ball chain and also a weighted carbon swinger arm, allowing the angler to rapidly change their setup. While the ball chain provides complete flexibility, the weight adjustable swinger arm can either be heavily loaded for additional weight or by sliding the weight back, you can quickly lower the tension. Furthermore, the swinger arm provides additional benefits in high winds by allowing a drop on your bobbin without the sideways motion of wind causing your alarm to constantly beep!

RRP £9.90

The T4 light is a reduced selection from the T4 indicator, utilising just the smallest PTFE bobbin head and the weighted swinger arm. For those who prefer the swinger setup, this whole kit is still highly customisable to varying conditions due to the sliding counterweight on the carbon arm.

RRP £19.90

The Teflon Bobbin T3 kit is the largest of the three bobbin heads (15.5g) and comes as a complete 3-rod set alongside the 13.5cm ball chains. The heavy bobbin head allows the user to fish tight lines with a drop when casting out at range, while also having the option of dropping the bobbins to the floor to fish slacker lines.

RRP £12.90

A highly technical, functional and rather unique set-up, the Spring Bite Indicator T10S features a solid arm with a pivoting head and ND’s ball bearing line clip. Where this differs to most on the market is that this long, thin carbon bobbin head sheathes an inner spring mechanism that can extend under tension. This creates an extremely functional indicator without having to make any changes to your setup whatsoever.

To fish completely slack, you can let the pivoting head fall to its lowest position. For semi-tight lines, simply position the head at an angle. Then if you want to fish tighter and tighter lines, simply tighten up to the bobbin and the spring mechanism progressively loads tension on to the line!

Another great thing about this is that you can fish completely slack lines without your line trailing limp on the floor for rats to get tangled up in. Then, as the line tightens, the spring mechanism progressively loads the bobbin on the bite.

RRP £39

A smaller version of the Spring Bite indicator, the T11 comes supplied as a set of three. This version differs slightly by featuring a second pivot point on the arm, to create a swinger-like effect. The whole kit can be used exactly the same as the T10S. This double-angle joint also allows the user to flip the arm over for smaller or larger alarms to suit the situation being faced. BOBBINS AND INDICATORS