The smartest watch in fishing?!

New Direction continues to supply awesome products for a relatively small price tag, considering the value gained from each purchase. The Smart Bite Watch is no different, and if you’re an angler who uses many of the smart link devices in the range, you will be pleased to hear that this watch is able to control all of them. Yes that’s right, there is virtually no limit to the number of New Direction accessory devices you can connect, including its bite alarms and anti-theft alarms!

Aesthetically, the Smart Bite Watch is very pleasing to the eye, especially the carp angler. With a green fish friendly silica gel strap measuring 27cm and aluminium case, this watch is neither cumbersome nor is it too small. The sizing is just right and the entire unit weighs a smidge under 63g. A range of 80m is more than sufficient when looking to control any of your devices and the 120 hour standby time is more than anybody could hope for.

This watch is powered by a Lithium-ion battery, which can be recharged using the supplied magnetic charging cable. The cable will effortlessly attract itself to the port of the watch when a top-up is required. Despite being a smart watch, it is fully waterproof and can be used up to depths of two metres, which is more than enough when bankside. Use in the rain or take a dip in the lake with your target fish without having to remove the watch. As mentioned, all of the New Direction Smart Devices are catered for, including the air light sounder, bivvy light, headtorch and several more. When connected, the watch is able to control the likes of the bivvy light and headtorch from your wrist, which is especially useful during the colder months of the year when tucked away inside your sleeping bag. The watch also boasts a crisp, clear display, sound and vibration.

New Direction has ensured that its Smart Bite Watch comes complete with all receiver functions. The menu allows the user to control the volume, tone and sensitivity of each programmed alarm. The full featured app is an incredibly useful tool too, allowing for actions to be programmed to a specific button on the watch, such as setting a new tone or high volume for all alarms at once, not forgetting sensitivity too!

New Direction Smart Bite Watch
• Fish friendly silica gel strap
• Aluminium case
• Weighs just under 63g
• 80m range
• 120 hour standby time
• Comes with charging cable
• Fully waterproof
• Crisp display
• Receiver functions
• Sound & Vibration
• Programmable buttons