Prepare for the cold weather with PB!

Winter Suit
RRP - £204.99

This suit is designed and developed by and for carp anglers. A suit where the jacket includes a lightweight lining to keep you comfortably warm on those colder evenings, nights and mornings.

The trousers do not contain any additional lining. The fabric of this suit is very high quality and therefore offers extra comfort. At 7000mm, this suit is rain and moisture resistant. A heavy rain shower is about 2500mm and when you are in the shower it is about 4500mm. So, no need to worry about the rain.

Keeping warm and dry is great but if not breathable, sweat can build up inside the suit and cause you to get cold. The PB winter suit is designed for the intensity of a skier, hiker or similar effort. So perfect for trekking around the lake and keeping ultra-warm.

The inner lining of the trousers is smooth for easy entry and exit. In addition, a high zip at the bottom of the legs allows you to put on the trousers without having to take off your footwear. The trousers also have elasticated shoulder straps that hold them in place and remove the risk of them falling down when your running to your rods for a screaming take.

A really nice feature of the suit is that the shoulders, elbows, buttocks and knees are covered with extra abrasion-resistant fabric. As anglers, we often are kneeling on the ground, sitting on rough surfaces and walking through thick terrain; having that extra abrasion-resistant fabric means you can be at one with your surroundings and not worry about damaging the suit.

RRP - £74.99

The PB Products Neoprene Boots are ideal for us carp anglers. A boot that is lightweight and very easy to get in which you can easily take off again thanks to the kick-rim. The boots have a steel shaft in the sole, which makes walking very comfortable, something that is incredibly important. If you’re spending a long time walking around the lake, you need your feet to be comfortable and warm.

Now, a warm boot can sometimes lead to sweat. With a neoprene boot, you still have the breathability that keeps your feet dry and warm. The PB wellies have a 6mm insulated double layer of neoprene that extends all the way into the shoe and boot, meaning your feet will stay dry and warm for the duration of use. Mud and water are no problem for these boots with the high grip rubber sole – a real contender if you’re on the search for new wellies.

If you’re looking for some new clothing to keep you comfortable on the bank this winter, PB is definitely worth a look.