PB Downforce Tungsten

RRP - £4.49

The shot on the hook rig has long been a brilliant adaptation to use when carp are proving to be cautious of picking up a hook bait sitting up off the lake bed.

In the past using a split shot held on by some floss or braid was used but would often move around on the hook. Now PB Products has its very own dedicated tungsten hook bead, which sits firmly on the hook until picked up by a carp, and even the most powerful of casts will not dislodge these. Depending on the buoyancy of hook baits being used there are various sizes of bead to choose from.

RRP - £3.99

Many of us now know from watching the underwater films that pressured carp are clearly sticklers for investigating a baited area before confidently feeding and should anything unwanted grab their attention they become a whole lot harder to catch!

This is why keeping rigs pinned down can be extremely important in specific instances, and this can be achieved with the likes of the Bottom Liners from PB Products. These small tungsten reusable beads are suited to threading on to hook links, leaders or main line, sitting snugly and reducing the risk of spooking wary carp. These come supplied on easy to use sprigs, fitted with nine bottom liners per pack.

RRP - £9.49

While putty is exceptional at moulding around split shot or lead core wire wrapped around a hook link, when the weather is cold its usability can be affected, such is the nature of the product.

There has been a trend in recent times to use big pieces of putty below the hook with the intention of pulling the point into the bottom of the carp’s mouth, so with that PB Products has developed its very own tungsten beaded version in the shape of the Contra Liners.

Available in various sizes these have multiple uses and are also great for use when stalking or when freelining baits at close proximity. These come supplied on sprigs in packs of six.

RRP - £6.49

What could be more unobtrusive than a combination of fluorocarbon and tungsten? These two materials are superior when it comes tackling the most rig-shy of fish, so why not combine the two and produce the ultimate leader, and this is exactly what PB has done.

The Loaded Leaders are a versatile leader as they can be used with a number of lead setup arrangements and are supplied in 1m lengths in both Weed and Silt finishes, as with every other product in the Downforce Tungsten range. Having been tested at 30lb breaking strain these leaders will prove their worth in any environment.

RRP £5.99

In recent years shrink tubing has taken quite a considerable back seat with the introduction of a whole host of hook aligners that are now readily available. The no-fuss use of the aligners is one of their biggest advantages and with significant developments there are several sizes and colours available, and PB Products has added its own twist to its range too.

The inclusion of tungsten within its Short Shank, Longshank and Curved Aligners has been a real game changer when it comes to use with buoyant hook baits, whether it be with pop-ups or wafters, helping to keep the hook lying flat on the bottom at all times!

Anti-Tangle Sleeves
RRP - £5.99

Constructed from tungsten, these anti-tangle sleeves not only kick the hook link away to reduce tangles on the cast, but the added weight of the sleeves helps keep the hook link pinned down on the lake bed. They are big enough to slide over a swivel to conceal and protect the knot, or trap the hook link in place on a QC style swivel.

Heli-Chod Rubber and Bead
RRP - £5.49

A simple and extremely safe way of setting up a helicopter rig, these kits consist of a tapered sleeve and two wide bore beads that fit perfectly on to it. The tapered sleeve grips the main line and allows the hook link swivel to freely ride up on to it. This is then trapped in place by the two beads, which can easily pop off in the event of a tethered fish, ensuring it can travel freely up the line and off the end. Available in two sizes; Standard (three pieces) and X-Small (four pieces) for a more discreet setup.

X-Small Naked Chod Rubber & Bead
RRP - £5.49

Designed for the ever-popular naked chod presentation, helping to keep the line pinned down away from the wary fish, this helps to produce a safe rig when using the presentation directly on the line and is small and inconspicuous enough not to stand out.

Heli-Chod Buffer Hood
RRP - £9.49

A large and extended helicopter sleeve to fit over the top of your lead swivel. This extension stops your chod rig from hooking up around the lead on the cast and also provides greater separation between hook and lead when playing a carp on a short chod hook link, helping to buffer against hook-pulls.

Sliding Naked Chod Bead & Swivel
RRP - £5.99

A simple way of fishing a chod rig directly on the line. With the choice of either a size 11 ring swivel or big eye swivel, the weight of this product helps to eliminate the need to put putty on the chod section, meaning there will be better movement on the swivel.

The large bore makes it safe to use on whatever chod setup you prefer. The two different weights available give you the option to use whichever hook bait size you wish.