Main lines for all situations from PB!

Designed in Europe for use on the Continent, you can be assured that PB Products equipment is more than capable of dealing with UK carp angling, as proved time and time again by none other than Mark Holmes! With countless big fish to his name, caught from some demanding venues across the UK, you know the products have been thoroughly tested. These three main lines available from PB cater for many different scenarios.

Control Mono - £24.99
Very fine diameter for the breaking strain means you have extreme strength coupled with great casting ability, also providing less intrusive line to the fish in the water. The low-stretch, fast-sinking line with minimal line memory means it effortlessly comes off the spool, so those vital yards can be gained on big chucks. The smooth silicone coating helps lessen the friction as it glides through the rings. Available in five breaking strains – 11, 18, 24, 28 and 33lb, with the 33lb being Mark Holmes’ line of choice when targeting big carp!

Gatorbraid - £89.99
For those that need that extra feel of the lake bed with less stretch and excellent bite indication. The strength is a key feature of braid and the supple nature really helps it to settle over features, offering an unobtrusive make-up.

Available in two different breaking strains – 25 and 30lb – on bulk 1,000m spools.

Dragonfly Fluorocarbon - £69.99
Designed to blend in to almost invisibility when underwater, yet it offers extremely high abrasion resistance to combat the harshest of environments. The smoothness of the product ensures improved casting performance compared to other fluorocarbon main lines and it sinks like a brick, concealing itself among the bottom detritus. PB’s unique selling point of this product is the composition of the materials that make up this fluorocarbon, claiming that it helps repel dirt from clinging to the line, which is something many of the alternatives on the market suffer from badly. Available on 400m spools in 15, 18 and 26lb.