PB's hit and run lead system!

When you think of a traditional lead clip, you think of a clip that is fixed in position with a tail rubber securing the lead. The lead will then release when under pressure hitting a snag or weed. The innovative Hit & Run Lead Clip from PB Products works on a pulley system, which means there is just enough pressure for the lead to set the hook, but thereafter the leader will freely pull through the lead clip. Similar to that of a running rig setup, the bite indication is absolutely flawless with this lead setup, and users cannot speak highly enough of the bite to fish landed conversion ratios. In the modern day, angling is very much about being different from the person next door, and these fine lead clips are the prime example of thinking outside the box. As with a normal lead clip, if for some reason the leader gets snagged, the clip will work in a typical manner and detach the lead, so is therefore the best of both worlds!

PB Products has also addressed the inline lead, which is a highly effective setup, but with some additional tweaks can be turned into something special. And that is exactly what the Hit & Run Inline Leads are, available in several different colours including Gravel, Silt and Weed and now finished in their new natural coating. There is now a choice of five different sizes of inline lead available too, including 2oz, 2.5oz, 3.2oz, 4oz and 4,75oz. Their unique pear shape also means that the tail rubber will always lay flat to the bottom of the lake bed, therefore enhancing presentation when fishing for the wariest of fish. One of the greatest features of this particular lead is that the lead can be changed or removed at any time without having to cut your line, thanks to the unique inserts that fit through the centre and the slit which runs through the body of the lead. This is not only extremely convenient but also significantly aids fish safety.

Should tying leaders not be your thing, or if time is of the essence, then the Hit & Run Chod and Lead Clip leaders may be exactly what you are looking for. The Chod Leader sees your hook link being semi-fixed in position by a bead and ring setup, and working on the same principle of the lead clip setup, when a fish picks up the hook bait, there is enough pressure to set the hook before using a pulley style system to let the Silk Ray lead-free leader run super-freely. Not only is this a totally different way to fish your chod rigs, but they are also exceptionally safe! The leaders are also available in Gravel, Silt and Weed.

The ready tied Lead Clip leaders are supplied in packs of three and measure 90cm in length, whereas the Chod leaders are supplied in packs of two.

PB Products Hit & Run System
• Hit & Run Lead Clips £3.99
• Hit & Run Lead Clip Leaders £9.49
• Hit & Run Chod Leaders £7.49
• Hit & Run Inline Leads £2.49 to £3.29