All the hook links you need from PB Products!

RRP £14.99

PB Products’ Jelly-Wire is a cutting-edge hook link material that combines the best of both worlds. Its unique construction features a braided core for superior strength and durability, while the jelly coating has excellent anti-tangle properties, while retaining flexibility that ensures the Jelly-Wire hugs the lake bed contours. This innovative material can easily be straightened without boiling a kettle, simply tension the rig and run your fingers over the coating a few times. With its outstanding knot strength, long lifespan and ease of use, PB Products Jelly-Wire is a firm favourite of many top anglers out there.

Available in three colours (gravel, silt and weed) and three breaking strains (15, 25 and 35lb) on a 20m spool.

RRP £13.49

For those looking for a stiffer coated hook link material, Skinless may be just what you were after. With an extremely rigid outer coating and a soft inner braid, Skinless can be steamed straight for an extremely tangle-resistant combi presentation. The outer material has a lovely matte finish, which blends into the lake bed, and despite being rugged and abrasion resistant, the coating can cleanly and easily be removed with the use of a stripper tool.

This hook link is available In the same three colours; gravel, silt and weed, but only in two breaking strains, 15 and 25lb. Supplied on 20m spools.

RRP £14.49

Much like Skinless, Green Hornet features a super-stiff coating with a soft and supple inner braid, making it a versatile hook link for stiff rigs and combi style presentations. Unlike the Skinless which has a washed out, muted coloration, the green coloration of Green Hornet is a much more vibrant green, designed to blend in with fresh and vibrant pondweeds.

The hooklink sinks well and steams laser beam straight. Available in two breaking strains, 15 and 25lb, and supplied on a 20m spool.

RRP £15.99

With tungsten coated braids becoming so popular, it can be hard to create a product that stands out from the crowd. It’s for this reason that PB took their time bringing this premium product to the market, ensuring it was the best that it could be… in fact, PB claims that this is THE heaviest coated braid on the market!

As well as sinking like a proverbial brick, this new coating is designed to be extremely durable too, ensuring your rigs retain their perfect construction during use. Furthermore, unlike the typical Grey, this hook link material is available in a subtle brown and green colour. PB gives the braid a 20lb B/S and it comes supplied on a 10m spool.

RRP £13.99

Chameleon is PB Products’ finest supple braid option and is the go-to when looking to present a super natural acting hook bait. This finely woven braid allows full freedom of movement and its soft texture is difficult for the carp to detect. This material is great for a solid bag rig or alternatively for tying to a stiffer boom to create a fast acting combi rig. When used on their own, soft braids like this can be tangle prone, so it’s often worth using this in conjunction with PVA to avoid tangles.

RRP £13.99

\When it comes to strength, durability, and abrasion resistance, it’s hard to beat Armabraid! Whether you’re using it as a snag leader in hairy situations or need a robust yet soft braided hook link, you can be sure that Armabraid will stand up to the task at hand. Very smooth and super-supple, this is a great contender for solid bag work, where you can easily get away with soft hook links without the worry of tangles.

Supplied on 20m spools, Armabraid is available in weed, gravel and silt, and in either 20 or 25lb B/S.

RRP £11.99

Ghost Butterfly fluorocarbon is an extremely high quality fluorocarbon, offering unrivalled discretion and tangle resistance for your rigs. This line possesses incredible clarity, and with its low refractive index, it is virtually invisible underwater. This fluorocarbon boasts excellent abrasion resistance, knot strength and all-round reliability, providing anglers with the confidence to tackle big fish.

Available in both 20 and 27lb, the higher strength version is notably stiffer, making it a great material for D rigs and booms. Meanwhile the slightly suppler 20lb version makes for a more delicate presentation. This also makes for a fantastic leader material, keeping your end tackle concealed and pinned to the lake bed. Supplied on a 20m spool.

RRP £7.99

PB Products Chod Mono is a dedicated hook link material designed specifically for chods and stiff rigs. Its high memory and stiffness ensure that the rig retains its shape and presentation, maximising the chances of hooking fish, while the translucent green colour blends seamlessly with most lake beds, providing an excellent camouflage.

With its reliable knot strength and durability, PB Products’ Chod Mono is a go-to choice for anglers seeking a dependable stiff hook link material. The Chod mono is available in three different diameters to suit different presentations: 15lb 0.40mm, 20lb 0.45mm and 25lb 0.50mm.

RRP £7.49

Specifically designed for surface fishing and zig hook links, Clear Skater has a neutral buoyancy that can sit in the surface film. Utilising the same process used to produce Control Mono, PB has been able to achieve an excellent tensile and knot strength relative to its fine diameter. This enables the user to maintain a delicate presentation without the worry of having to use weaker hook link materials.

Available on 100m spools, the 8lb version has an incredibly fine 0.20mm diameter, 13lb measures 0.25mm and 17lb comes in at 0.30mm.

RRP £13.99

PB Products Silkwire is a revolutionary hook link material that offers a perfect blend of strength and subtlety. Made from a unique blend of high-quality fibres, Silkwire is a supple, ultra-heavy braid ensuring your hook link hugs the lake bed contours, without the need for putty or tungsten droppers. This is perfect for achieving a natural bait presentation that could outwit tricky carp that are used to being targeted with modern stiff rig materials.

Rated at 20lb B/S, this hook link is also super-strong and abrasion resistant, making it perfect for targeting big carp in demanding situations. Available in three colours (gravel, silt and weed) on a 10m spool.

RRP £13.99

Much like Silkwire, the new hollow silk is a smooth and supple, heavy duty braided hook link but in this case it has a hollow construction. As a result, like a finer version of a leadless leader, the Hollow Silk can be spliced with a fine splicing needle, producing hook links with absolutely no knots in them! This not only retains a huge amount of strength, but also makes for novel presentations. Whether you’re splicing supple booms for your Ronnie rig, or want a supple multi-style wafter rig, this hook link material certainly provides plenty of options that just aren’t available with conventional braids.