A new net design from New Direction!

New Direction is certainly one company that we commend for coming up with new and innovative ideas for carp anglers and its new net is certainly no different! One of the big issues people face with landing nets is the compromise of tension in the landing net and ease of use – let’s break it down (no pun intended). A high level of tension in the net cord and arms makes for a nice rigid net head, which is much easier to manoeuvre through the water when you come to that all-important moment as the carp inches its way over the mesh. However, a really tight net then becomes a real pain in the arse for setting up and packing down, meaning you have to simultaneously tension the arms further and pull them out; it’s a recipe for a ripped net mesh! Thankfully, ND came up with an ingenious solution to this whole problem.

The net features a very clever tensioning system on the net arm itself, whereby the net can be initially assembled under slack. The net is then separately tensioned by pulling on the cord that runs all the way through the net arm and through a ratchet. This ultimately allows you to tension the net however much you require. Finally, when it comes to breaking down the net, a quick-release switch opens the ratchet system, allowing the cord to freely flow through, releasing the tension in an instant. This removes all need to squeeze, twist and jam the net arms in and out of position; just a flick of a switch and you can simply slide the net arms out of place and carry your prize ashore.

The 42in net arms and telescopic handle are both made from a stiff, carbon composite material and the handle extends to six feet in use. The spreader block is constructed from formed aluminium and features a ridge and groove shape to fit the base of the arms, keeping them in the correct orientation. Finally the net itself is a soft, deep green hex mesh for easy water flow.

The Quick Release landing net comes supplied with a ND branded net float and also a custom stink bag with fittings to strap on the handle and hold everything in place.

RRP - £79.00