WYCHWOOD | Maximiser Carp Rods

The Maximiser rod range has been superbly designed for anglers looking for all-out performance and great value for money. The rods are a great next step into pro performance should you be coming up from lower-budget type rods, yet also favoured by many pros who don’t believe performance rods need to entirely break the bank.

If you’re an angler who powers PVA bags to 100 yards plus with accuracy or underarms singles into the edge, the 12ft 3.5lb rod’s capabilities make light work of such fishing situations. These sort of distances are where lots of anglers fish comfortably and this rod will certainly tick all the boxes for most carpers.

Although this specification of rod has this type of power its main focus is to be a finely tuned and a versatile rod to cater for all general fishing situations. The tip action ensures you retain great playing ability to prevent hook-pulls when coming to land your quarry.

Now for you distance casters and for those who love nothing more than fishing those hard to reach distances the 12ft 9in 3.5lb rod is for you. Designed with extreme range and incredible accuracy in mind, the stepped-up butt section greatly increases power on the cast; coupled with the super-fast taper tip section the recovery of the extremely fast blank the rod reaches distance with ease. It’s very common for those carp to hold up at distance, especially on high-pressured lakes, where the centre of the lake can become the gold mine, with most anglers simply not able to get there. Having the 12ft 9in version of this rod in your armoury will certainly give you the biggest edge.

The blanks throughout the range are made using ultra-high modulus, low resin content carbon, which results in the silky fast action that allows the rod to deliver pinpoint accuracy even at range.

With full slim Duplon handles and black stainless fittings, understated graphics and finished with a 1k matt weave, these rods look as good as they perform. Both models boast 50mm butt rings, anti-frap tip ring and 18mm Fuji reel seats.

Wychwood is one brand that never seems to disappoint when it comes to both looks and performance, and once again the team delivers with these outstanding rods – if you haven’t taken a closer look at these then get yourself over to your nearest Wychwood supplier and, we can assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

RRP: £199.99 to £219.99