Wychwood A 101 Rods

GREAT VALUE! This abbreviated-handle variation of Wychwood’s hugely popular 101 series of rods is available in a limited run and only for a certain period of time.

Once they’re gone that’s it, so I guess they are a limited edition carp rod, and all for under £60 each.

As with the C-101 and D-101, with their cork and Duplon handles, respectively (see what they’ve done there?) they boast extremely impressive blanks for a carp rod in this price range.

Never has a carp rod represented more obviously the boundaries that are constantly being pushed in this ‘budget’ price bracket and the results are extremely impressive. The finish is ‘on trend’ with modern design and looks and, again belying the price tag, the blanks feel crisp and surprisingly well balanced. Tip recovery is a little soft compared with more expensive rods, but it’s all relative and even this shouldn’t detract from a rod worth every penny… and more. (MC)



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