TF GEAR | GXi Stealth Rods (Video)

Total Fishing Gear reveals its latest offering to the retractable rod scene, a market which has soared in popularity over the past few years and with good reason. These rods provide outstanding performance in a more compact size. The retractable butt section allows each rod to be broken down into a more storage and travel friendly size, making these great rods to have to hand in the boot of your car, for urban explorations or even when it comes to keeping them to hand at home ready for your next spontaneous trip to the bank.

Available in a choice of four options, the shorter 9ft models come in both a 2.75lb and 3lb TC while the larger 10ft model boasts a 3.25lb and beefier 3.5lb TC. These compact and versatile carp rods take the ‘go-anywhere’ phrase to new heights. Offering a premium quality carbon construction, the GXI brings to the table a powerful casting ability that recovers well even on larger chucks for superior accuracy, especially in the higher test curve.

Do not fear that the casting performance will leave you with an unforgiving broom handle as that is far from the truth – the GXI Stealth benefits a forgiving and thrill-seeking playing performance. The two heavier models of the 10ft variety would also allow the angler to use these as tools to lead around and even bait up effectively, while still keeping that all-important compact size, perfect if you find yourself nestled in among the undergrowth targeting spots that often get neglected by anglers with larger more conventional 12 to 13ft rods.

Finished in a full Japanese shrink wrap for great aesthetics and to ensure a solid positive grip either in wet and cold conditions, the GXI also benefits from top class guides and reel seat to ensure the rods are perfectly balanced even when coupled with larger carp reels.

We believe that these rods shouldn’t just be considered for roving or opportunistic anglers, oh no. In testing the TFG team were able to comfortably put a lead 80 to 100 yards with the 9ft models and over 110 to 120 yards with the larger 10ft models. As such, the GXI Stealth can be used as a fully all-encompassing carp setup, perfect for anglers of all abilities and even smaller anglers such as children who can’t quite compress larger rods yet!

RRP: £49.99 TO £54.99

To find out more about the GXi Stealth Rods, watch the video below.