SONIK | Xtractor Recon Carp Rods (Video)

It is always very exciting to see what innovative and inspiring tackle items Sonik manages to come up with and the new Xtractor Recon Carp Rods are most intriguing. In the past, telescopic rods have been frowned upon, with their inferior designs leading to poor action and unreliability; however, in recent years, part-telescopic rods featuring a retractable butt section have proven a complete contrast to this.

The new Recon rods take the Xtractor concept to a new level by utilising a double retractable butt section to minimise pack-down size further, while still retaining the fantastic performance we’ve come to love from the original Xtractors.

There are two lengths of the new Recon rods, with 8ft and 12ft options, both of which can be chosen in a number of test curves, but what is most impressive is the fact that both pack down to sizes that will fit in the typical boot of a car (or your footwell in the case of the 8ft model)!

The 8ft models will pack down to an incredible 30 inches thanks to that double retractable butt section. Every rod in the range is a progressive action rod, a perfect all-rounder that has plenty of power to control a hard fighting fish without putting too much pressure on the all-important hook-hold.

There are three test curves to choose from in the 8ft models with 2.5lb, 3lb and 3.5lb. Each different test curve serves a purpose, with the lighter of the three proving to be a joy to use on smaller venues, the heaviest perfect for taming the largest of fish and the 3lb test a perfect all-rounder. A 40mm butt ring with an anti-frap tip helps enormously with casting as well as the super-light guides, which are just small enough not to look out of place on the blank.

The 12ft models pack down to an impressive 50 inches, which is the same length as the original 10ft Xtractors! This opens up a whole host of possibilities for anglers who need that extra length while still requiring the compact pack-down for navigating around the most overgrown of venues or for anglers with smaller cars. This time Sonik has utilised a 50mm ringing pattern through to an anti-frap tip, and much like the 8ft models the 12ft rods are also available in three different test curves. This time the lightest of three is a 3lb test, followed by a 3.25lb and 3.5lb.

Aesthetically these rods really are a treat for the eyes with the slim Japanese shrink rubber handle, carbon weave situated above the reel seat and the black DPS reel seat. Sonik has also listened to feedback and these Recon models feature a full-length handle that does help with distance and comfort when casting. It really is evident that a lot of rod can be obtained for the asking price!

RRP: 8FT £69.99 / 12FT £89.99

To find out more about the new Recon rods, watch the video below.