SONIK | VaderX RS Cork Rods

Just like a flick of the switch the realisation that spring is now here with winter firmly behind us inspires many to get out and put in the hours for those carp who are really beginning to wake from their slumber. Plans are forged with new targets and venues in mind and it isn’t unusual for many of us to splash out on a few goodies to see us through the year.

New rods are often high on the agenda… without them we would be pretty helpless, plus it’s always a bonus when they look nice too! Sonik has been very busy developing a number of releases in the last 12 months where its very own VaderX RS Cork Rods are very eye-catching indeed, in terms of their aesthetics, practicality and price points!

It is clearly evident that Sonik is always looking to improve on previous releases, and improve it has, building on its award winning and incredibly popular VaderX Carp Rods. With the new RS rods you will see the new sleek black look, a low reflective finish along the entire length. Not only does this look great but they are also more scratch resistant too! Of course to fit in with the theme of the VaderX line there is still emphasis on the trademark minimalistic red touches. For such an affordable rod the VaderX RS Corks are outstanding and for cork lovers out there you can look forward to aging the full length handle for many seasons to come. Apart from the obvious handle differences compared to the standard VaderX RS rods, the cork variants currently have two lengths of rod on offer.

There is a 10ft rod in a 3lb test curve as well as a 12ft rod available in four different tests with of a choice of 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.50lb. The lightest of the four has been fitted with 40mm butt ringing finished with an anti-frap tip ring, whereas the higher test rods are given 50mm butts which significantly aids casting performance. The addition of Minima guides throughout all of the rods in the range makes for a far lighter blank and in turn allows for generation of fast tip speed helping to propel leads to the horizon.

With the VaderX RS Cork Rods you are able to accommodate any big pit reel too, with a beautiful black DPS reel seat, and staying true to the colour theme is the black anodised butt cap sitting pretty at the end of the classically styled handle.

RRP: 10ft £64.99, 12ft £69.99