Sonik Tournos 8000fs Reels

Following the success of the original Tournos 8000, Sonik has introduced a new version, this time with a free-spool facility.

In keeping with modern trends, the FS retains its black finish, chunky bail arm and minimalist design. The free-spool lever and adjust knob are not overly obtrusive, yet remain accessible and easy to engage.
The free spool disengages with no more than a third of a turn of the handle, which is essential when taking on your battle with the carp.
As well as a smooth overall operation, the FS has a reassuringly solid feel in the hand and in operation and, despite the presence of the free spool, it also boasts a quick-drag spool.
If you liked the original 8000 then I reckon you’ll absolutely love this new addition to the ever-impressive and expanding Sonik range. This is very much a ‘preview’ here, but I am due to test a set of these on the bank over the coming months, so I’ll let you know exactly how they perform. (MC)
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