SONIK | 5000 Xtractor Reel

After the hugely successful launch of the Xtractor Rod range, we’d like to introduce you to these aesthetically pleasing sleek black mini-big pit reels under the same flagship range.

Small in size but big in features, the Xtractor reel may only be built for with small to medium size waters in mind, and perfectly balanced to smaller rods, but without a doubt the gearings, internal mechanism and build quality of these reels will have them taming even the biggest of carp you can target!

Boasting a spool capacity of 0.30mm/380m, 0.35mm/280m or 0.40mm/200m you can rest assured you will be able to fill these little babies up with enough monofilament, braid or fluorocarbon to reach those all important feeding grounds time and time again. To ensure you are reaching your maximum distance, the Xtractor 5000 Reel is kitted out with micro line lay adjustment washers and a long cast spool, so you can really maximise your overall distance with even the shortest of rods. What we really like the look of are the twin spring loaded line clips, that are not only line friendly but allow the angler to target two completely different features simultaneously with unrivalled accuracy and precision!

The aesthetics of the reel are elegant, subtle and dare we say it downright carpy! Featuring a black anodised aluminium long cast spool and a Quick-Clik folding wooden design handle these are not only going to be a sure-fire hit with the tackle tarts out there, but mean you can fish a tight setup with the right buzz bars, and the quick one-click folding mechanism shaves seconds off setting up and packing your kit down!

The Quick-Torque drag system is direct and smooth allowing the user to stay in control with every lunge, and run your quarry makes. With 5+1 ball bearings and a more than adequate gearing ration of 4.4:1 the result is a smooth retrieve and a silky working function; based on previous Sonik reel models we are pretty certain the durability will be just as good as we have witnessed before. An instant anti-reverse switch allows the user to seamlessly switch between playing fish on the clutch or on backwind, which will also ultimately help preserve the duration of your chosen main line too.

Weighing in at a rather modest 415g it is fair to say that the Xtractor 5000 is a compact big-pit reel that would not only look great on shorter rods, but would make a fine floater fishing reel, or stalking setup. We certainly hope to get our hands on a set to bring to you a more detailed used and abused review, so keep your eyes peeled in future issues!

RRP: £54.99