Check out the Okuma Obsidian reels!

Okuma’s new addition to its reel selection does not disappoint. The Obsidian is a big-pit reel designed for the serious angler fishing on big waters. On first look, the reel is stunning to look at, just like Okuma’s other reels. With a mixture of matt and gloss black finish, the reel gives off a stealthy but stylish look. In this case, less is definitely more! That leads nicely into the next part to mention, the weight.

Coming in at only 520g, Okuma has done all it can to reduce the weight of the reel. The body is constructed of a lightweight C-40X carbon frame and side plates, an ultra-light screw in handle, an ultra-light spool and an aluminium shaft which, you guessed it, is ultra-lightweight. Keeping the weight down can really make a difference in your fishing. You can imagine after casting multiple times at long distance, your body starts to fatigue. The last thing you want is not being able to reach the spot because of heavy equipment. The Obsidian will allow you to keep on casting throughout the session.

With a gear ratio of 4.3:1 and a whopping 103 centimetres of line retrieval per rotation of the handle the Obsidian has the power to keep you in control at all times, which is essential when fishing long range or around snags. The super-slow oscillation and worm shaft transmission system create the perfect line lay and this combined with the single piece bail arm and DLC coated roller helps to reduce wear and tear on your line and also assists with hitting the clip every time. The reel also has a rotor breaking system so, when the bail arm is open, it locks into place, reducing the risk of it closing during the cast, which could ultimately lead to crack-offs.

The fast progressive drag system (FPV) allows you to go from free spool to fully locked up in half a turn. The drag system is made up of carbon fibre, another way that Okuma has managed to keep the weight down. The 9+1HPB create ultimate smoothness when reeling and will help keep the reel in a better condition, for longer. The Obsidian also comes with an extra spool and two reducers that can be reduced to 8000 or 1500 in size. Overall, the Obsidian is a fantastic looking reel with a build and design that is lightweight and gives you confidence whilst in use.

RRP - £183.89