DAIWA | Whisker 25QD (Video)

Smooth, elegant and compact, this is one of those items that just leaves you drooling at the reel cabinet in your local tackle shop. Touting a lengthy script of Daiwa’s leading tech, this is a reel that comes at a serious price!

Designed to be light, compact and feature loaded, the Whisker 25QD was crafted with shorter rods in mind, offering a top-end reel that would balance well with the increasingly popular 9 and 10ft rods. Weighing in at just 450g, Daiwa has managed to keep weight down without compromising on strength and function, with the high density Zaion carbon body that not only reduces weight but also boasts anti-corrosion properties, while being 25 per cent lighter than its magnesium equivalent and 50 per cent lighter than traditionally used aluminum, not to mention it doesn’t lose any strength or toughness in comparison to either material. 

Fishing shorter rods can sometimes leave you feeling a little undergunned when it comes to distance, which is why the Daiwa specialists developed and tooled a brand new spool specifically for the Whisker with distance work in mind. The spool has an oscillation height of just 25mm, which was a proven formula from the renowned Cast’izm range. The spool has a conical taper of two degrees to optimise line release and also features Daiwa’s LC spool technology. This is a double lipped spool, whereby the second (outer) lip controls the flow of line off the spool, leading to less line slap on the blank and smoother travel through the eyes. This ultimately puts extra yards on the cards!

The mechanical workings of the reel are all individual components that when combined create a product that is just a joy to use. A Twist Buster II system has been developed and tooled with optimal line lay in mind; in testing the system reduces the risks of line twist on the retrieve by as much as 90 per cent, prolonging the life of your chosen main line. Another technology, which works as part of this compact distance achiever, is the Cross Wrap function that concentrates on ensuring your line is wrapped in a specific manner around the spool for optimised offloading on the cast.

As the 25QD name suggests, you can expect to find the inclusion of the world-renowned Quick Drag, which has to be one of the smoothest drags on the market, keeping you in constant control every ear-pleasing click of the dial. The elegance doesn’t stop their either, upon turning the handle we were quick to notice just how smooth the whole procedure is, almost effortless, and this is thanks to the specialised air-rotor with an arc-shaped profile crafted in DS5 carbon.

We could honestly write pages on the technology used in this reel, but without being engineers we would simply not do it the justice it deserves, which is why we have only chosen a handful of the features we feel are key to creating the latest evolution on compact carp fishing reels. For full details, descriptions and knowledge on how this reel has been created, check out the informative Daiwa website and for sheer delight and awe, head to your local stockist to check it out in the flesh!

RRP: £375
WEBSITE: www.daiwacarp.com

To find out more about the Whisker 25QD, watch the video below.