Shimano Big Baitrunner Xt A Long Cast

Shimano produced the original big-pit carp reel many moons ago in the form of ground-breaking Long Cast Baitrunner, which has always been the preferred reel of many specimen anglers.
The XT-A is the new modernised version of its predecessor, which is just as reliable and as much of a bombproof workhorse as before, with a few additional features that help to improve on what was an already great product. The slow oscillation helps achieve an even better uninhibited line lay to aid distance and accuracy when casting. Constructed from modern materials and with a more up-to-date design, the XT-A Long Cast has been reworked to improve durability and the internal gears redesigned to increase the cranking power. The combination of prestige that comes with Shimano Big Baitrunners and the use of improved contemporary materials result in a fantastic long-range carp reel.

Price: £209.99