Prologic Snz Alarms

With all the features that UK carp anglers have come to expect in the form of tone, volume and sensitivity adjustment, the SNZs are impressive bite alarms for the money. With neat features such as the night-light function, they can be bought singally or as a set with a receiver. They come supplied with plastic covers that keep the alarms protected in transit. The receiver has a built-in courtesy light that can be turned on and off manually. The high-quality speaker is a particularly cool addition that sets the look for the alarms completely away from the rest of the bite alarms on the market. As you would expect, they are totally waterproof and conveniently require a 9V battery to work them, which makes getting hold of them easy should you get caught out. Simply go to the supermarket to pick them up.

DAN MURRELL’s VERDICT “Great value for money and more features than we expEcted.” FIRST IMPRESSIONS 9/10 VALUE FOR MONEY 10/10



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