Small but mighty bite alarms from Rippton!

Just how much is too much technology in carp fishing? The expression “keep it simple, stupid” couldn’t be any more applicable when it comes to success in angling. Sure, technology is great at times, but functionality and practicality will always be king. This is the very reason why the Rippton Bitekeeper Smart Bite Alarms are an absolute winner. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles to woo unsuspecting buyers, but there are chosen, specific features that have been finely tuned through uncomplicated means.

Each alarm weighs just 36g, whilst the complementing receiver weighs a mere 30g. With a maximium volume of 120db, these less than palm sized units really do pack a punch. Yet both are fully waterproof, having been given an IP66 rating. The receiver has a range of up to 100 metres, and also features a flashlight on top for locating of objects during the hours of darkness. The modes on the alarms and receiver have been kept simple, with volume, sensitivity and tone buttons having various levels to choose from. The receiver also has three settings with sound only, vibrate only as well as a combination of the two.

Simplicity and usability of the Bitekeeper Smart Alarms are most certainly their biggest selling point, but they also feature some nice touches such as differentiation in tone when receiving either a typical line bite or drop back. The two LEDS on either side of the alarms ears also illuminate, one with forward and the other with backward motion in a different colour. Colours of the LED can be changed for preference with each respective alarm by long holding the sensitivity button.

The battery life of each alarm head will last up to 10 days in standby mode, but what’s great about the system is that they feature a fully sealed rechargeable internal battery and you can charge up to five units at once using the supplied USB cable. These alarms feature a special waterproof charging point, allowing you to top them up on the bank using your power pack if required and there is no worry of water ingress.

To the surprise of many, Rippton has created its very own app for its all-new bite alarms, which is available for both Apple and Android. With built-in Bluetooth in every device, the downloaded app connects extremely easily, where you can change the settings for each individual unit from the power of your smartphone!

There are various ways in which you can acquire these fantastic little units, either as a standalone alarm, standalone receiver, one alarm and receiver, two alarms and receiver, three alarms and receiver or four alarms and receiver. When purchasing a set of alarms, they will come supplied in a quality zipped hard case, complete with a moulded foam inner. As the alarms and receiver are rechargeable, a complementary USB cable is also included with every purchase.

Alarm Features;

• Fully waterproof (IP66 rated)
• Alarms weigh just 36g
• Receiver range up to 100 metres
• Rechargeable battery
• Changeable LEDs
• Seven volume levels
• Seven tone levels
• Differential drop back tone
• Standby mode


• Standalone Alarm £42
• Standalone Receiver £62
• 1 Alarm + 1 Receiver £99.90
• 2 Alarms + 1 Receiver £141
• 3 Alarms + 1 Receiver £182
• 4 Alarms + 1 Receiver £223