WOLF | Icon Q2 & QR

Wolf really turned heads with its release of the high-end ICON Qi and Q alarms, and the feature packed ICON HUBB. However, at a lofty price of 220 for the Qi and still £180 for the Q, they’re certainly not the cheapest out there. The Q2 is the least expensive of the Icon range with an RRP of £150, but don’t let that fool you as it’s still packed with much of the same technology as its more pricey brothers! It’s also worth remembering that just like the Qi and Q alarms, the Q2 is also manufactured right here in Britain!

The Q2 features the same key body and styling as the Qi and Q alarms, which is of a substantial size but carries a real sense of build quality. A VASTLY simplified description of the alarms is that the Qi has four dials on the front (V, T, S-roller, S-vibro), the Q features three dials (V, T, S-roller) and the Q2 features two dials (V, T). Bite detection is registered through a high sensitivity roller wheel which still has five levels of sensitivity.

Unlike the Qi and Q alarms, which have a dedicated front dial much like volume and tone, changing the sensitivity on the Q2 must now be done through the Menu button. The roller wheel bite detection still features drop back differentiation and recoil elimination to avoid annoying bleeps from repetitive movements such as waves hitting the main line or bobbins.

The Q2 alarms feature two high powered LEDs with four different colours (R, G, B, Y) and a separately controlled night light with auto or manual settings. Colour and brightness can be controlled throughout from the alarm head and the HUBB receiver. There is also a local mute button that turns off the volume for a period of time while you set your hangers, and two weatherproofed sockets under the alarm to attach illuminated indicators and wired accessories! The alarms are rated at 1,000 hours standby battery life with battery indication upon turning on the alarm.

Together with the Qi and Q alarms, the Q2 can be paired to the ICON HUBB for maximum control from the receiver end. Pairing between the two is easy and provides a 2km line of sight transmission range ensuring a strong and instant signal no matter what the terrain is like. Alternatively, for those that don’t require the extensive features of the HUBB, each of the alarms can also be paired with the smaller and more wallet friendly Qr HUBB.

Though less expensive than the HUBB, the Qr is still a feature packed receiver, as well as a control unit and transmitter! The Qr omits the funky LCD screen, allowing it to be a little more compact than the HUBB. Once again it’s been developed and manufactured by Wolf, right here in Britain.

The Qr features six LEDs which pair through six wireless channels. The LEDs can be set to seven Hi-Vis colours to mirror the alarms and this pairing saves on closedown, meaning that there is no need to reconfigure the setup each session. These indicate backward and forward movement on the alarm by flashing or latched on respectively.

Volume is adjusted via push button controls and the tone is replicated to the paired alarm and a global mute can be used to simultaneously mute all paired devices. Rumble alert can be switched on or off for an instant vibration function and there is also an anti-theft function too!

The Qr is rated to have 500 hours of standby battery and the battery level of the Qr and all paired alarms can also be checked from the Qr itself. It has a slightly shorter range compared to the HUBB at 1km line of sight, but this still ensures great signal strength in every situation.

Just like the rest of the range, the Qr feels solid and well made, with fully sealed electronics, in a solid, robust housing, to work in all weather conditions. In fact, Wolf even offers a two-year warranty, with the addition of a third year when registering the purchase.

RRP: Q2 £150; Qr £180
WEBSITE: www.wolfint.co.uk