Nash H Gun Dwarf Rods 9ft 2.75lb Tc

TC Reader Matthew Rynor says: I recently received the Dwarf rods for my 13th birthday present and decided to send my review in to Total Carp.

Due to my small size I find 12ft rods a bit of a handful, so the Dwarfs are great. I have fished up to 50 yards with a baited rig, as they lend themselves much better to the small waters I fish. I couple them with small Baitrunner reels, making the setup lightweight. Playing fish is lovely on them too, and their through action allows the use of smaller hooks when fishing commercial waters.

The real advantage is the way that the rods can be packed down to three feet eight inches, making them easy to carry on my bike. I have used them a lot over the summer holidays and despite plenty of use they are in good condition, aside from a few scrapes. I look forward to catching plenty more fish on them.

Matthew Rynor’s verdict
Perfect for targeting small waters.

RRP: £54.99

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