Eos 12000 And 12000fs Reels

In response to public demand for a larger version of the popular EOS 10000 reels, Fox has introduced this larger 12000 version in two models. Considering the price tag, each is a pretty smooth operator and I hope Fox has ordered plenty in advance because they’re surely going to be big sellers. The list of features is impressive, especially with that price tag in mind. I keep referring to the price but with good reason; this is a heck of a lot of reel for that sort of money. It also looks the part, in keeping with modern trends for all things black. The only difference between the two models is that the FS features a free-spool facility, and each has three sizes of spare spool available separately. I’m really impressed with these and can’t help thinking that even if you have your fishing reels already, they would make excellent, good value spod and marker options.

£94.99 and £129.99


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