Delkim | TX-i Alarms & Rx Pro Receiver

For years I had heard about the prestige that followed Delkim, and a good 80 per cent of anglers that I meet on the bank either have owned or still own Delks. Throwing caution to the wind and turning my back on simplicity, I decided a set of Delkims were exactly what I would try.

Firstly, I ordered three heads and a receiver and what an absolute doddle it was to pair the devices on the bank and in no time at all they were all fully connected and working. Great.
Now, because I prefer to use a receiver my heads would be silent, but the tone had to be right because it is echoed through the wireless remote receiver. This was a bit fiddlier, such a fine adjustment had to be made for them to sound the same. With my sausage fingers and lack of patience this did take some doing, but now we are laughing and they all sing from the same hymn sheet.
Sensitivity is perhaps one of the most pertinent features on the Delkim, which sets them apart from the crowd. There unique vibration-sensing technology allows the alarm to pick up the slightest of vibrations, ideal for when you are fishing for finicky carp. Equally impressive is the option to desensitise them to eradicate any false bleeps, which may occur through wind, rain or other influences.
By simply turning the dial you have six settings but the alarm can also be put into either + or – setting to again enhance the sensitivity. So far I have fished through wind, rain and shine with no problems.
With a protective case on each alarm and receiver I am doing my utmost to keep them in tiptop condition because with a little TLC I feel these alarms will keep me from needing an upgrade any time in the not too distant future.The battery life has been greater than I expected but to be fair I haven’t caught anywhere near as many fish as I would have liked.
I’m also looking forward to fishing through winter because my traditional roller wheel varieties left me facing nothing but problems when the wheels would freeze over, whereas with this unique system that should be a thing of the past.
RRP: £122.50 each, add £5 for purple; receiver £139.50