Delkim | Slimlite Indication Set

Bite indication is one element of carp fishing that is crucial to your success and, although many of us probably won’t admit to it, we like to look good in the process.

Recently, lightweight bobbins have very much been at the forefront of this trendy approach, which is fine because they offer sensitive and finite indication that would otherwise go unmissed. However, what happens when it’s windy? That delicate little bobbin will tremble in the wind, generating wind bleeps not really giving much away unless it pulls up tight and stays there. Well that is all about to change thanks to the revolutionary new visual indication system from the reliable and forward-thinking team at Delkim.


The SlimLite Indication Set is very much one of the most versatile setups we have come across. The lightweight illuminated bobbin is perfect for windy conditions, while remaining stylish and functional all year round. The pack contains everything you need to get started, comprising the SlimLite Illuminating Hanger, ‘C-Slot’ drag weights and the SlimCarb Hanger Stabiliser. Simply attach it to any Plus range alarm following the supplied user-friendly instructions and you are equipped for better indication straightaway. The SlimCarb Hanger simply attaches to a base unit secured under your locking thumbscrew, allowing free movement to the bobbin but eradicating any false indication. If you already have the D-Lok quick-release system, you can use the supplied attachment instead of changing the base.

Unlike other supported bobbins, the bobbin head does not just move up and down, it is free to travel along the length of the SlimCarb Hanger, behaving as any normal lightweight bobbin would. Of course, you can use just the illuminated head, but with the risk of wind being pretty high here in the UK, I honestly don’t see why you would because the Hanger Stabiliser adds no weight or restriction. With a patented magnetic clip feature, the bobbin grips the line in one of two positions, either free running so the line can pass fluidly through the head or semi-fixed like a more traditional approach. What really stood out, though, was that even when engaged in the semi-fixed position, once a take occurs the bobbin will rise to the Delkim head on a tight line then disengage into the free-running position, so line still moves through the bobbin and over the alarm with the bobbin attached, meaning the bobbin stays on even under the most violent of takes.

The magnetic nature of the line clip means that it will consistently apply the same amount of pressure to the line for years to come, unlike some of the more conventional styles of bobbin indicator. Also supplied in the set are three additional ‘C-Slot’ drag weights in 3g, 5g and 10g for those situations when you do need a heavier head. The ‘C-Slot’ means that you can easily add or detract the weight without the need to take the indication set off the alarm. As you have probably guessed, there is no additional cost for isotopes because each head boasts an internal LED, which is enhanced via the opalescent finish making it extremely visible. There are six colours available – yellow, green, blue, white, red and purple. As we have come to expect from the dedicated team at Delkim, the SlimLites have gone through a thorough and extensive testing, ensuring that the most versatile and functional product hits the market to ensure the very best are available to the end user. The system will work on any Plus variation of the Delkim, so you can use a lightweight bobbin to fish with slack or conventional lines that improves overall indication of the already impressive Delkim, even in windy conditions.

First Impressions: 10/10
Value For Money: 10/10

RRP: £34.99, £2.50 for purple