DAIWA | SLR rods and SLD reels


Flagship brand and one of the leaders in the rod building and reel production sectors, Daiwa has once again pushed the boundaries of what is possible with the latest technologies and materials used in the carbon industry.

The new SLR rod is a carefully designed long distance tool utilising the latest in V joint carbon technology that really helps recover the action quicker during the cast, helping you to gain those vital yards. Also it helps offer the strength to the overall blank, meaning repeated use over many years will not soften the action.

The minima guides offer lots of advantages to the blank; keeping the weight down is the main saving of using these guides, being 25 per cent lighter than the equivalent SICS. They are coated in the inside of the guide to help protect it from harsh abrasive materials like braid and heavy monos,, which means they are designed to withstand punishment.

The whippings are finished in a shiny gloss finish with the blank being a matt finish, which will help resist scratching and any damage to the blanks over time. The Fuji DPS reel seat, like many of the Daiwa rods, is a staple part of the design for keeping the reel secure and is constructed to take the biggest of big-pit reels, finished at either end with a stainless collar that gives the rod a classy appearance. The Japanese shrink wrap handle, which is used on many rods these days, gives the user a greater feel and grip for pushing the rod through those longer casts, easily wiped clean should it get dirty, and aesthetically it finishes the handle nicely.

RRP: £499 


The redesigned Basia SLD reel is another fine piece of engineering that utilises a magnesium body to give the reel a slimmer profile. This really helps keep the weight to an absolute minimum and will help with the pivot point of the rod, assisting you in gaining those extra few yards. This slimmer profile has also helped the overall design, enabling the spool depth to be increased, which all helps the coils of line exiting the spool during the cast helping to gain further distance.

The main gearing and shaft have been upgraded to a stronger, more rugged design to further the use and cranking of the reel in the most demanding of situations. The aluminium handle and wooden knob help keep the lightness of the reel down to a minimum.

The quick drag, which has always been a flagship feature of the Basia range, has been included in the design to further the reel’s capabilities and the new high-impact line clip will make this part of the reel more user friendly and will take further punishment during the casting at range to the clip.

RRP: £665 

This rod and reel together look to be an unstoppable combination, which will aid many people to gain those extra few yards on their chosen venue while still offering a pleasing look to the eye when sat motionless on the buzzers.